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Innovating access to data

23 February

The National Archives officially invites businesses to tender for its UK legislation publishing contracts via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Following the OJEU notice, Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) - part of The National Archives - and the Queen's Printer for Scotland are running a competition to award new contracts for the data capture, transformation and dissemination of legislation in the UK.

Government departments, the UK Parliament and the devolved Parliament Assemblies and administrations are responsible for originating legislation, which is then produced and published by HMSO or the Office of the Queen's Printer for Scotland through a contractor. Through the new contracts, would-be suppliers will have unlimited access to data with the potential to create new products and services.

Innovation and value

Commenting on the contract, Carol Tullo, Director of Information Policy and Services at The National Archives, said: 'Legislation underpins every part of government. Publishing and providing access is core to democratic engagement. So, to date, much has been done to provide a quality public service and comprehensive access to legislation throughout the UK.'
Ms Tullo continued that as technology advances, 'we have to adapt quickly to people's growing need to access information online and our agility is paramount, as is our requirement to ensure good value for money for government. So, this tender is aimed at all potential suppliers who feel they have the capability and creativity to work with us to continually innovate and add value. This is a substantial commercial proposition with a high profile within government and I urge all interested businesses to seriously consider this exciting opportunity.'

Applications for contracts

For further details about the services delivered through these contracts and how to apply, please go to TED, and read our contract information.