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How to use this website

The information and services in this website cover the work of the TDA. Some of the pages were part of the Teacher Training Agency’s website. If you are having problems finding anything we hope that our new search engine will help. If you cannot find something, please help us and others by completing our ‘help us to help you’ form.

Many pages have a link to relevant 'Popular questions'. Let us know if there are further questions you would like to see on these pages..

Use 'Advanced search' to restrict a search to a section of the website. Quote marks used "like this" can be used to search for a complete phrase.

Technical suggestions, file viewers and readers

We have tried to make this website as accessible and easy to use as possible. However, if you have problems using the site, you may find the information on this page helpful.

This website has been built to allow compatibility with all types of browser on any computer operating system. While its appearance will vary according to the capabilities of your system, the site itself should always work.

The majority of content on this website is provided in the normal HTML webpage format, viewable through any browser software. However, some information is in non-HTML file formats.

Adobe Acrobat PDF format

PDF files can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is freely available. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

If you have difficulties viewing PDF files on your computer you may find the following suggestions helpful:

  • refresh or reload the page you are trying to view
  • save the PDF to your computer and then open it from outside of your web browser, and 
  • turn off the web integration in Adobe Acrobat by opening Acrobat Reader, clicking on Edit > Preferences > Options and, depending on your version of Acrobat Reader, deselecting 'Web Browser Integration' or 'Display PDF in Browser'.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel formats

Microsoft documents, presentations and spreadsheets can be read even if you don't have the commercial Word and Excel programs on your computer. Microsoft offers a range of free 'viewer' programs for download; however, these programs are only available for Windows systems. You can download Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel viewers from the Microsoft website.

Macromedia Flash format

We occasionally use Flash to enhance the experience of using this site. If your computer doesn't have it installed you can download Flash Player for free from the Macromedia website.

If you have problems viewing Flash content, visit for assistance.

Video formats

We may from time to time feature video content on this website. To view video through your browser, you need an appropriate player installed on your computer, such as Windows Media Player, Real Player or QuickTime.

If you are using Netscape 4, you may have problems watching video. If you can only see a grey or white box, you can rectify the problem by doing the following:

  • select 'Edit' > 'Preferences' in the menu In the left panel select 'Applications' (under the 'Navigator' heading)
  • click 'New Type' Where it says 'File Extension' type mpg and press tab Some or all of the boxes should now contain some text, amend the four boxes to contain the following details:
       Description of Type: Movie Clip
       File Extension: mpg
       MIME Type: application/x-mplayer2
       Application to use: plugin
  • Click 'OK' and 'OK' again

Reload the video page; the video should now appear correctly. If the above still doesn't solve the problem, remove all references to type Movie Clip by selecting them and clicking Remove and then repeat the above steps.

If you experience any problems with the audio in a video, check the following:

  • make sure you have a soundcard installed on your computer
  • make sure your speakers and/or headphones are correctly connected and powered, and 
  • make sure the volume control is set to a suitable level.


We have developed this website with the aim that it is usable and accessible to everyone and conforms to the guidelines for UK government websites. Use the accessibility link at the foot of this page for details, including access keys.