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Regulation checklist

Use our interactive tool to quickly and easily create your own personalised regulation checklist allowing you to see at a glance the regulations that apply to your business.

Creating your checklist will take no more than five minutes.

The checklist links to plain English guidance from across this site on where you need to comply and how to do it.

Here's how it works

  1. Regulation checklist questionnaire

    Answer a series of questions about your business. The answers you provide will go to compiling your checklist.

  2. Receive your personalised regulation checklist

    Your checklist will be divided into subject areas with short summaries – follow the links to our guides and regulation summaries for straightforward advice.

  3. Options – getting the most out of your checklist

    Your regulation checklist is a working document your business can use for reference. We advise that you use one of the options for saving your checklist:

    • print your checklist to PDF for storing or printing
    • save your checklist (recommended – requires registration)
  4. Further options – keeping up to date with changes

    If you are a registered user and have saved your checklist you can use it as a living document:

    • return to your list to check for updates and sign up for email alerts
    • review your answers as your business evolves

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Your checklist may not be definitive, but will be a simple, flexible tool to investigate the main regulations that apply to your business

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