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2007 - 2013

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The European Social Fund is:
  • extending employment opportunities
  • developing a skilled and adaptable workforce
This website is part financed by European Social Fund Technical Assistance.


ESF-Works is a website and multimedia database capturing and making available good practice and products developed under the 2007-2013 ESF programme in England.

Complementing the main ESF website and part-funded by ESF Technical Assistance, it offers a wide ranging and in-depth record of the activities and outcomes of projects and participants.

ESF-Works also includes filmed interviews with Ministers, policy makers and practitioners.

Visit ESF-Works.


Equal-Works is a website disseminating the experience and products of Development Partnerships for the ESF Equal programme which operated from 2002 to 2007. Each Development Partnership has a microsite providing an overview of its work and links to all its products. On the website there are interactive features such as live debates, blogs and peer reviews to encourage users to 'Get Involved'.

Visit Equal-Works.