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Your Business

Business Continuity Management is an important facet of civil protection for all agencies. All responders including Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber (GOYH) must have a Business Continuity Plan to meet the recommendations and duties that fall from the Civil Contingencies Act and its accompanying Regulations and Guidance.

Business Continuity planning is not only important for responding agencies and government but also for the business community itself. From small companies to large corporations, business continuity plans can ensure that any major incident or disaster, natural or otherwise, has a minimal effect on the economic-well-being of the business. In turn this makes the economy of the Yorkshire and Humber region more resilient to disruptive challenges.

A booklet called “Expecting the Unexpected: Business continuity in an uncertain world” was produced in London in partnership with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCSTO), the Business Continuity Institute and London First – an organisation supported by over 300 businesses in the capital. The booklet provides advice on creating effective business continuity arrangements.

The booklet advises:

“How quickly – and painlessly – you manage to get back to ‘business as usual’ in the event of a terrorist attack, fire, flood or other natural disaster, or any other major interruption, depends on how effectively you can devise, and put into action, your own business continuity management.

Building-in business continuity, making it part of the way that you run your business, rather than having to ‘firefight’ any emergency, helps prepare you to offer ‘business as usual’ in the quickest possible time. Planned business continuity management, so that your staff, customers and suppliers are reassured that you have an effective policy and practice for managing the unexpected, helps build confidence in your business.”

A hard copy version of this booklet is available in the Yorkshire and Humber region on request. To order a copy, please e-mail the resillience team of GOYH.
The Related Links section below gives access to various websites and utilities that will enable you to remain alert to potential disruptive challenges and also to assist you in business continuity planning.

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