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Welsh Assembly Government


What to do if you want to complain to the Welsh Assembly Government.

If you believe you have suffered as a result of maladministration or service failure by us you may want to make a complaint. This Code sets out the principles and procedures which we will apply when considering complaints.

What the code covers

The Code allows us to consider complaints about our administrative actions in respect of:

  • Poor administration (maladministration)
  • Failure to provide information you have asked for
  • Failing to provide a service we must provide by law or failing to provide a service to the standard expected of us
  • Failing to meet our Welsh Language Scheme

What the code does not cover

  • Complaints about a decision which has not involved maladministration -. in other words, the Code cannot be used to complain about a decision just because you do not agree with it.
  • Complaints about matters which are covered by separate Assembly Government procedures
  • Complaints about Personnel Matters

If you think that you may be able to take legal action against us, please remember that you must usually do this within strict time limits. You should get independent legal advice on this. But it does not stop you making a complaint under this Code, as long as the Code allows it.


Generally, maladministration means poor administration or applying rules incorrectly The following list provides some examples of maladministration:

  • Avoidable delay;
  • Faulty procedures applied or failing to follow correct procedures;
  • Failing to tell a member of the public about any rights of appeal the might have;
  • Unfairness, bias or prejudice;
  • Giving advice which is misleading or inadequate;
  • Refusing to answer reasonable questions;
  • Rudeness and failing to apologise properly;
  • Mistakes in handling a claim;
  • Not offering a suitable solution where one is due.

Failure to provide information you have asked for

Failure to provide information which you have asked for under the National Assembly's Code of Practice on Public Access to Information. The decision to withhold information does not need to have involved maladministration.

Application of the Welsh Language Scheme

The Welsh Language Scheme for the Welsh Assembly Government contains a series of commitments about:

  • how we will deliver our services in English and Welsh; and
  • how we will reflect, in our policies an initiatives, that Wales is a bilingual country.

Code of Practice on Complaints (pdf, 229kb)

Complaints Leaflet (pdf, 75kb)

Welsh Assembly Government Complaint Form (pdf, 30kb)