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Thurrock Key Centre for Development and Change

Single Issue Review of the East of England Plan

On 29 January 2010 the Secretary of State published his review of the East of England Plan (Regional Spatial Strategy) in respect of Thurrock Key Centre of Development and Change.

The single issue review provides a revised Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) Policy ETG2 which establishes the northern part of Lakeside Basin as a new Regional Centre and provides a strategy for the regeneration and remodelling of the wider Lakeside Basin and West Thurrock area.

RSS Policy E5 has been updated to include Thurrock Lakeside in the list of Regional Centres.

The detailed delivery of this review will be taken forward through the forthcoming Local Development Framework prepared by Thurrock Council.


The East of England Plan, the Regional Spatial Strategy for this region, was published  by the Secretary of State in May 2008. It required an immediate review by the East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) of Policy ETG2 for Thurrock Key Centre of Development and Change to provide a robust strategic planning framework to guide the regeneration and redevelopment of Lakeside Basin.

EERA began work on this issue review in Autumn 2008 working with partners including Thurrock Borough Council, Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation, Essex County Council and the East of England Development Agency. An Examination in Public (EiP) before a Panel chaired by Jim PArke, was held in Thurrock between 20 – 24 July 2009 to consider the representations received on the EERA draft policy.

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