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22/07/09   More action to tackle failing Youth Offending Teams
21/07/09   John Denham - Biggest single transfer of power in a generation
21/07/09   Career in the classroom even more attractive to top graduates
10/07/09   Celebratory weekend of free activities ‘open’ for all young people on Friday and Saturday nights
10/07/09   Communities Secretary John Denham visits Portsmouth for a Question Time debate
10/07/09   Real help for over 60s
07/07/09   Top architects and housing experts to think up age friendly homes of the future
07/07/09   Planning portal forges greater links with local authorities
18/06/09   Five Point Plan Guides Uk Climate Action
01/05/09   Swine Flu developments
24/04/09   Budget 2009
06/04/09   Over three million people to benefit from historic council overhaul
19/03/09   Empowering community leaders
19/03/09   Plans for more young Mayors unveiled
19/03/09   Round 10 beacons authorities announced
12/02/09   Real Help Now
26/01/09   Economic diagnostic tool
21/01/09   Healey confirms every council guaranteed grant increase despite downturn
14/01/09   New Opportunities White Paper - Fair chances for the future
12/01/09   Tackling child poverty
12/01/09   35,000 additional apprentices
12/01/09   Crime maps online across England
12/01/09   Jobs and skills top of regional agenda
12/01/09   Prime Minister in Liverpool
17/12/08   New alert centre to improve response to flooding
16/12/08   Home Secretary sets out common sense standards for crime fighting powers and retention of DNA profiles
16/12/08   Making it easier to change your council’s leadership structure
11/12/08   Government challenges third sector to lead the way in transforming public services
09/12/08   Poll shows British public right behind 2012 Olympics
09/12/08   £5m to help fishermen net a secure future
20/11/08   Minister: "Social enterprise can blaze a trail through tough economic times"
20/11/08   Mapping public service funded initiatives: tackling worklessness in deprived areas
22/10/08   New third sector skills body
17/10/08   First meeting of the Council of Regional Ministers
02/10/08   £181.6m for project to save 391,000 tonnes of landfill waste
02/10/08   Fight must continue on fuel poverty say ministers
01/10/08   Home extension freedoms begin on 1 October 2008
01/10/08   Tenants home in on bills
30/09/08   Living places
30/09/08   Economic challenges can be faced with efficiency savings
30/09/08   London 2012 calling - business opportunities on offer worth £6bn
26/09/08   Fairer, More Transparent Complaints Procedure For Parents
24/09/08   £25m to kick-start better buses
24/09/08   Local authorities to trial new Business Support Programme
24/09/08   New Package To Back The Schools Workforce And Improve Standards For All
23/09/08   Hutton and premier league put enterprise top of the league
23/09/08   Review seeks ways to get best out of British employees
23/09/08   Broadening Horizons – England to ‘Lead The World’ In Computer Access for Young People
12/09/08   Delivering Public Service Agreements - the Government Office role.
08/09/08   Free childcare for 50,000 families
13/08/08   Plaskitt: High job numbers helped by more people coming off benefits - but we cannot ignore unemployment
12/08/08   Crackdown on knife sales to youths
06/08/08   Consultation on Comprehensive Area Assessment
28/07/08   New Interactive Local Crime Maps In Every Area
24/07/08   Eco-towns set to face toughest ever green standards
21/07/08   No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility
21/07/08   New drive to boost skills in Thames Gateway
21/07/08   Blears - supporting faith communities
21/07/08   Benn launches audit of natural resources
18/07/08   Transformed inner-city park joins list of best green spaces announced
18/07/08   Healey leads Government tribute to charity support for flood-hit communities
18/07/08   Blears outlines new economic people-focused approach to regeneration
17/07/08   Healey - sixty two authorities to receive £31m flood funding
15/07/08   Youth crime action plan published
15/07/08   Hazel Blears launches search for role models to inspire Black boys
14/07/08   Ed Balls Welcomes Sir Alan Steer’s Latest Review Of Behaviour In Schools
14/07/08   More than the sum of their parts - partnerships seal deal to increase economic growth
14/07/08   More diversity in public appointments
10/07/08   White Paper delivers power shift to local people
08/07/08   Government sets out 21st century challenges for food in the UK
02/07/08   The Government Office Network – Personal Information Charter
01/07/08   New arrangements give home buyers and sellers a better deal
01/07/08   Minister confirms new deal for communities funding
01/07/08   Target shake up delivers stronger focus on issues that matter to the public
01/07/08   Vulnerable people to benefit as majority of local councils make third sector a top priority
30/06/08   Shared priorities agreed for the Government Office Network
27/06/08   Prime Minister sets out his vision for world-class public services
27/06/08   Healey confirms action to tackle excessive council tax rises
25/06/08   Cabinet Secretary publishes plan to improve data security
25/06/08   Benn allocates initial funding in response to Pitt Report
24/06/08   First series Apprentice winner to host new National Employment Awards
24/06/08   Government Publishes Action Plan to Implement Byron Recommendations
23/06/08   Healey announces government tribute to charity flood work
23/06/08   One year on: Minister praises flood recovery efforts
23/06/08   Experts lay down the gauntlet to eco-town developers
23/06/08   Flood protection measures for homes and businesses
19/06/08   Waste pilots – draft guidance published
19/06/08   Post 16 Participation Rate at Highest Level Ever
18/06/08   Engaging Communities in Fighting Crime
18/06/08   Pace of progress getting flood-hit families home improving
18/06/08   Ads hit binge drinking young adults
17/06/08   Draft Floods and Water Bill to deliver improved management of surface water flooding
17/06/08   Every Primary School to have a Specialist Maths Teacher
16/06/08   Birthday Honours List 2008
16/06/08   First Step to Making All New School Buildings Zero Carbon
13/06/08   Tougher penalties to crack down on waste crime
12/06/08   Temporary accommodation numbers continue to fall as new figures revealed
12/06/08   Sign on for benefits, sign up for skills
12/06/08   Councils must use powers to protect new homes from flood risk
11/06/08   From homelessness to business success - winners announced of national competition
11/06/08   UK employment levels and vacancies remain high
11/06/08   2012 games will be springboard for business success
11/06/08   Managing the impacts of migration
10/06/08   National Challenge Strategy launched to ensure more children get better GCSEs
10/06/08   Unique opportunity for local leaders to improve the lives of over 3 million
10/06/08   Playing to win – a new era for sport
21/05/08   Blears heralds a new era of 'parish power'
21/05/08   Design your own playground: Ministers launch website to get kids' views on play
15/05/08   Draft Legislative Programme
07/05/08   Healey announces £31m restoration fund for flood-hit communities
02/05/08   Network Corporate Plan
08/04/08   Housing boost for key workers and first time buyers
18/03/08   Healey unveils overhaul of efficiency and improvement support for councils
18/03/08   Innovative 'tram-trains' to be trialed in Yorkshire
18/03/08   New centre of expertise for cutting carbon emissions across Whitehall
18/03/08   Government Intensifies Drive To Tackle Antisocial Behaviour In Young People By Stepping In Early
17/03/08   Healey welcomes Fire and Rescue Chief Adviser's report on floods
17/03/08   Local authorities working together on waste: consultation published
17/03/08   Charities Act 2006 third commencement order
17/03/08   Improvement in the delivery of prison drug treatments
17/03/08   £3m grant announced to provide cycle training for 80,000 children
17/03/08   Strictly youth dancing - ministers join 'Strictly' stars and Royal Ballet to boost youth dance
12/03/08   Budget 2008
10/03/08   Briefing note on local government National Indicator 7 ‘An environment for a thriving third sector’ published
20/02/08   David Hanson: local leadership essential to the future of criminal justice
20/02/08   Prime Minister announces Youth Climate Change Champions
18/12/07   Diplomas pass another key milestone on road to delivering the new ground breaking qualifications
18/12/07   From the street to the boardroom
18/12/07   A new wave of local renewable energy supply and community power schemes will get government backing today (17 December 2007).
18/12/07   Building stronger communities through inter faith dialogue and interaction
18/12/07   Benn welcomes Pitt report on summer floods
18/12/07   Capability Reviews for HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs published alongside ‘Progress and Next Steps’ report
14/12/07   Public to set local priorities
14/12/07   Helping buyers to make their homes greener and the market more efficient
14/12/07   Multi million pound council flood compensation begins
14/12/07   Government blueprint to deliver better protection for people on the coast
14/12/07   'People, not just houses' - Yvette Cooper announces next steps for social housing
11/12/07   Ed Balls Launches Plan For Children
06/12/07   DCMS sponsored Museums and Galleries in England to get £191 million capital investment over three years
06/12/07   Update on avian Influenza outbreak in Suffolk
06/12/07   Standards Of 11 Year Olds Continue To Improve
06/12/07   £4.9bn to support independent living
06/12/07   Fair and affordable funding to keep down council tax
06/12/07   £1.5bn for councils and communities to boost employment
06/12/07   Cash to provide positive activities for young people
06/12/07   Green light for five flagship Unitary Councils
06/12/07   A new generation of black role models - Hazel Blears responds to the Reach Report
06/12/07   Record funding to tackle homelessness
06/12/07   Jack Straw: the future for prisons
06/12/07   Ed Balls Announces Pilots To Help Children With Dyslexia
06/12/07   Government powers help Local Authorities get tough on litter
06/12/07   New funding for community infrastructure
06/12/07   More neighbourhoods to get a 'community kitty'
06/12/07   Government ramps up funding for home adaptations
06/12/07   Top Independent Schools Urged To Teach The Diploma
03/12/07   Healey leads Government tribute to local flood heroes
03/12/07   £45 million cultural investment in seaside resorts
03/12/07   Working Neighbourhoods Fund - Blears/Hain
03/12/07   Councils and health authorities rise to 'green' spending challenge
29/11/07   Raising The Participation Age 'Has Potential Economic Benefits Of £2.4bn Per Year Group'
29/11/07   First Suffolk avian influenza epidemiology report published
29/11/07   Getting it right from the ground up: Home Secretary speech to the Association of Police Authorities conference
29/11/07   Government sets out Gateway Plans
29/11/07   Citizen's Day Framework
29/11/07   Community ownership gains new momentum
29/11/07   Crackdown on guns and gangs
27/11/07   New legislation for major planning reforms
27/11/07   Rosie Winterton confirms three-year £4billion investment in local transport
27/11/07   Greater role for private and voluntary sector to tackle worklessness
27/11/07   Attainment Gap For Black Pupils Is Closing
27/11/07   Ed Balls And John Bercow Praise The Michael Palin Centre For Stammering Children
26/11/07   Joan Ruddock, Minister for Sustainable Consumption and Production, welcomes collaboration with major retailers
26/11/07   Extra Funding For Early Years
26/11/07   Local Areas Receive Funding To Continue Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour And Support Parents
26/11/07   Green ratings to benefit all home buyers
26/11/07   Delivering green, affordable homes more quickly - Government response to Callcutt Review
21/11/07   5000 Businesses Already Committed To Diplomas
21/11/07   Three New Academies To Get Go Ahead - With Help Of Universities
21/11/07   Local Government in driving seat for decision making and delivery
21/11/07   Local Councils crucial to fighting climate change
19/11/07   Benn launches plan for one stop shop for greener homes
16/11/07   New legislation for greener, more affordable housing
16/11/07   Ambitious Plan To Help Boost Nation’s Job Prospects
15/11/07   Government Takes Further Steps Forward To Safeguard Children And Vulnerable Adults
15/11/07   Troubled Children To Receive Help To Avoid Going Into Care
15/11/07   Improving Education For Young People In Custody
14/11/07   New chairman of English Partnerships appointed
14/11/07   H5N1 Avian Influenza update: precautionary culling on four further premises
14/11/07   Light touch performance regime for flood hit councils
14/11/07   £4 Million To Help Gifted And Talented Pupils And Boost Entries To University In Deprived Communities
14/11/07   Government invests £31 million in children and young peoples' Psychiatric wards
13/11/07   Launch of joint youth justice unit
13/11/07   £70 million expansion to help more people get back on their feet
13/11/07   New round of Enterprise Capital Funds boosts investment in high growth businesses
12/11/07   School Funding Settlement 2008-11
12/11/07   Poll says more than three-quarters back 2012 Olympics in London
12/11/07   Avian Influenza H5 confirmed in Suffolk
09/11/07   Healey invites views on definitions of the 198 national indicators
09/11/07   Joint Declaration to Tackle Climate Change
07/11/07   Blears gives green light to sub-regional jobs boost
07/11/07   £340 Million Cash Boost For Early Years
07/11/07   Queen's Speech 2007 - Building better homes and empowering communities
06/11/07   Government lays down reform programme
06/11/07   Councils to offer affordable housing 'deals'
01/11/07   New Fact Files Launched
31/10/07   Water butts in every garden by 2010
31/10/07   Framework to deliver a new low carbon transport system
31/10/07   Designing green towns of the future
31/10/07   Healey calls for retail-led regeneration
26/10/07   More affordable housing for communities
26/10/07   Minister picks priority places
24/10/07   Three Year Tourism Funding Settlement Agreed
24/10/07   “Diplomas Could Become Qualification Of Choice For Young People” – Ed Balls
22/10/07   Students vote for extended schools
17/10/07   Boost For Children With Special Educational Needs
16/10/07   £10.2 billion cash boost for affordable housing
15/10/07   Stronger voice for young advisor schemes in new deal for communities areas
15/10/07   Government Backs Commitment For Sure Start Children’s Centre In Every Community
12/10/07   James Purnell annouces extra Arts funding - £50 million by the third year of settlement
12/10/07   Hazel Blears challenges councils to match Government on devolution
12/10/07   DIUS announces the first social science project funded by the Large Facilities Capital Fund
10/10/07   2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review
09/10/07   Ruddock urges more action on fly-tipping as new figures published
09/10/07   £12.5 million for farmers affected by Foot and Mouth Disease
25/09/07   FMD and Bluetongue: update to integrated strategy
25/09/07   £5 Million Drive To Recruit Army Of Sports Coaches
21/09/07   “No Hiding places for Bullies”
19/09/07   Blears: Time to deliver on Devolution
19/09/07   National bus pass for older and disabled people unveiled
11/09/07   Parents Urged To Think Twice About Taking Term Time Holiday
11/09/07   Landlords get new guidance on tackling nuisance neighbours
11/09/07   Speech, Language And Communications Review Launched By Ed Balls And Alan Johnson
10/09/07   Green findings - Energy Performance Certificates and Home Information Packs
10/09/07   Faith In The Education System
07/09/07   Publication of reports into Foot and Mouth outbreak in Surrey
07/09/07   Child Trust Funds Used As A Tool To Teach Maths In Schools
07/09/07   New Review Helps Children and Parents Get The Best From New Technologies, While Protecting Them From Harmful Images
07/09/07   Our Children: Time to Talk Prime Minister and Ed Balls Launch National Children’s Debate at First Ever BSF School £21 billion to rebuild 21st century schools
05/09/07   Additional funding to help schools as Schools Minister praises efforts in flood areas to open for new term
05/09/07   Starting on the road to sustainable clothing
05/09/07   Popularity of volunteering and giving revealed in extensive national survey
04/09/07   New Powers For Headteachers To Tackle Poor Behaviour – Parents Responsible For Keeping Excluded Children Off The Streets
04/09/07   Flood Review website launched for public comments
04/09/07   Planning and land use to support sustainable rural communities
31/08/07   Phil Hope pays tribute to volunteers who helped out in floods crisis
31/08/07   New protections to be enforced by more than 1500 inspectors
30/08/07   £4 Million Boost For Museums Across England - Polar Bears, Dinosaurs, Historic Dogs And Rare Violins To Benefit
30/08/07   Results for seven year olds show overall high achievement
28/08/07   Children dance for joy for 7,000th Extended School
23/08/07   International Slavery Museum opens in Liverpool on UNESCO International Day of Rememberance
23/08/07   Acceptable behaviour contracts working to tackle Anti-Social behaviour
23/08/07   Jim Knight welcomes rise in GCSE results
20/08/07   The GO Review
17/08/07   Next stage for Home Information Packs and Energy Performance Certificates announced
17/08/07   Department of Health opens £73m investment fund for Social Enterprise programmes
16/08/07   Schools Minister Jim Knight Praises Resurgence in Maths ‘A’ Level Uptake - Maths and Science subjects* now account for nearly a quarter (24%) of all ‘A’ Levels
16/08/07   Water metering to become an option in long term plans
16/08/07   Government funding for areas hit by July floods
15/08/07   Total number on out of work benefits down by one million since 1997
14/08/07   Jim Knight Congratulates Pupils, Teachers and Parents on Results - for 14 Year Olds but Says More Needs to be Done
14/08/07   Last call for nominations - Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Awards
14/08/07   2007 survey of public attitudes and behaviours toward the environment
14/08/07   £1 million cash boost for rural tourism
14/08/07   ‘Recycle on the Go’ consultation launch
14/08/07   Red tape slashed to help businesses go green
14/08/07   Guidance to help repair flood damaged roads
14/08/07   Practical tips to encourage children to progress faster
10/08/07   £4m Flood Recovery Funding Grants For Areas Hit By Floods In July
10/08/07   Consultation on £10million Social Enterprise Risk Capital Investment fund launched
10/08/07   Design Alliance: Fighting crime from the drawing board
10/08/07   Call for a new generation of Black role models
08/08/07   Sport is the world's common ground
08/08/07   Appointment of independent chair for the Flooding Lessons Learned Review
08/08/07   Hazel Blears warns flood-hit households about cowboy builders
08/08/07   Looking ahead to local involvement networks
07/08/07   Cohesion Minister outlines priorities on race equality
07/08/07   Record Achievements in English, Maths and Science for Primary School Children and Gender Gap Narrowing in English
07/08/07   Further case of Foot and Mouth Disease suspected in Protection Zone
06/08/07   Smokefree England - one month on
06/08/07   Foot and Mouth Disease confirmed in cattle, in Surrey
03/08/07   Tender opens for £215 million Futurebuilders fund manager
02/08/07   Government announces £4bn for Sure Start, Early Years and Childcare
01/08/07   New support for homeowners to get green grants
01/08/07   The Home Information Pack
01/08/07   Justice minister praises work of galleries of justice
01/08/07   New employability skills programme to help people back into work
30/07/07   South East Minister Jonathan Shaw visits the fisheries industry in Sussex
30/07/07   Construction industry aims for a sustainable future
30/07/07   New statistics on life satisfaction shed light on wellbeing
30/07/07   Defra to increase surveillance for avian influenza
30/07/07   £10m Flood Recovery Funding Grants For Areas Hit By Floods In June
30/07/07   New Youth Facilities For Every Community - Government Launches Ten Year Youth Strategy
30/07/07   Justice for corporate deaths: royal assent for corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act
25/07/07   Tackling Drugs: our community, your say
25/07/07   Prime Minister's adviser on Public Service Transformation
25/07/07   Security Structures in the Cabinet Office
25/07/07   Fly the flag
25/07/07   Extended Schools - £1 Billion Boost
25/07/07   Leaseholders to know how their service charges are being spent
24/07/07   Innovation Exchange to be delivered by consortium
24/07/07   Prime Minister sets out 10-year vision for how government can support a thriving third sector
24/07/07   Employers Back New Engineering Diplomas
24/07/07   The Government Office Network - partnering with Whitehall
24/07/07   New media centres help young homeless people from the street to the small screen
23/07/07   Homes for the future
23/07/07   New data protection guidance published for schools
23/07/07   £8 Billion investment and reforms announced to tackle housing shortages
23/07/07   Government steps up attack on drink drive menace
23/07/07   A change of age for tobacco
23/07/07   Parents Back Academies As Report Confirms They Continue To Improve Results And Make Good Progress
23/07/07   Building Links Across Communities
23/07/07   Fresh Help For Teenage Mothers, Young Fathers And Their Children
23/07/07   New Chapter in Fight Against Crime
23/07/07   Every Child Matters: A Straightforward But Ambitious Mission
23/07/07   The power to change lives: Government publishes new skills ambitions
23/07/07   Number of quality parks rises by a third
23/07/07   Number of quality parks rises by a third
23/07/07   Is rural England facing a future without young people? State of the Countryside Report 2007
20/07/07   Ministers extend £7.5million school travel funding
18/07/07   Government Review Empowers Regions and Localities to Spread Economic Opportunity to All
13/07/07   Government funding reaches flood-hit areas
13/07/07   Protecting Children From The Modern Day Slave Trade
13/07/07   £100m Campaign, Annual National School Sports Week Announced
13/07/07   Benn announces review to learn lessons from June floods
12/07/07   New Secondary Curriculum Creates Time To Focus On The Basics And Stretch High Achievers
12/07/07   40,000 households in Nationwide energy saving experiment
10/07/07   New National Council For Educational Excellence
10/07/07   Building On Achievement, Meeting New Challenges
10/07/07   Flood recovery
10/07/07   Government moves to prevent deliberate dereliction of empty shops, offices and factories
09/07/07   Benn unveils campaign to inspire climate action
09/07/07   New campaign unveiled to change the Nation's attitude to skills and learning
09/07/07   Prime Minister pledges financial support for flood victims
09/07/07   Pigeon racing ban introduced as precautionary measure
09/07/07   TXT 4 HELP WITH UR KIDS Government launches new plan to help parents by text messages and social networks
09/07/07   Ed Balls Announces Cash Boost For Successful Behaviour Programme
09/07/07   Local people to have greater say on spending
09/07/07   Hilary Benn sets out vision for local authorities on the environment
09/07/07   Increased support for students in higher education
04/07/07   £30m Boost For Children's Helplines
04/07/07   £50m funding for cleaner hospitals
04/07/07   Shaping health care for the next decade
03/07/07   John Healey to co-ordinate government’s contribution to recovery from floods
03/07/07   Over a hundred new schools get specialist status £23m boost to create more SEN specialist schools
03/07/07   Flood response efforts 'magnificent' says Benn
03/07/07   Ministerial teams from our sponsor departments
02/07/07   Sowing The Seeds Of Young People’s Success
02/07/07   England goes smokefree
02/07/07   WEEE Regulations come into effect on 1 July
02/07/07   Lottery and London to be repaid from sale of Olympic land
02/07/07   Reform of Public Sector Ombudsmen Services
02/07/07   Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill
02/07/07   £800,000 for crime fighting community groups
28/06/07   Young People ‘Let Down’ By Older Generation Youth Minister Opens Summit And Launches Third Sector Strategy
28/06/07   New figures show more people than ever enjoying our national museums thanks to free admission
28/06/07   Power of information principles get go–ahead from Government
28/06/07   Children Who Attend Extended Schools Get Better Gcse Results
28/06/07   'R U Getting The Msg?' New Campaign Against Mobile Phone Robbery
28/06/07   Speedier local planning decisions
28/06/07   Government Takes Next Steps In Safeguarding Children And Vulnerable Adults
28/06/07   Cabinet Secretary publishes fourth tranche of Capability Reviews
28/06/07   Government proposes new measures to encourage sustainable Biofuels
28/06/07   Government to cut red tape for frontline public sector workers
28/06/07   Helping Domestic Violence Survivors Get Back Into Work
28/06/07   Big Business Backs Government Plans With Private Tutors For Children In Care
28/06/07   Woolas urges third sector to grasp the opportunity to help over one million vulnerable people
28/06/07   Fairer social housing rules for service personnel
28/06/07   Fight Against Crime Begins On The Drawing Board
28/06/07   New Measure Of Quality And Performance Will Help Learners And Employers Make Better Training Choices
28/06/07   England's trees key to future wellbeing
28/06/07   New Cabinet Announcements
26/06/07   Miliband unveils CO2 calculator
22/06/07   The GO Network website survey 2007. Have Your Say - Thank you
19/06/07   New Ethnic Minority Business Task Force launched by DTI
19/06/07   Harman underlines importance of working together to tackle domestic violence
19/06/07   Government puts £3m behind the voice of social enterprise
19/06/07   Housing rules overhaul puts tenants first
19/06/07   Delivering housing and regeneration: Communities England and the future of social housing
19/06/07   New online information service puts patients in charge
19/06/07   Minister praises councils for improving council tax collection
19/06/07   Securing our identity: A 21st Century public good
19/06/07   Phonics teaching for our youngest children must be high on schools’ agenda Next steps in literacy teaching for young children
19/06/07   New strategy for learners with learning difficulties and/ or disabilities
19/06/07   Digital Switchover Bill receives Royal Assent
19/06/07   Minister announces new task force to tackle sickness absence
19/06/07   Third Sector critical force against climate change
19/06/07   Leading by Example: Securing the future in the Government Office network
18/06/07   Lift schemes reach new height
18/06/07   UK enterprise hot spots compete in Enterprising Britain 2007
18/06/07   Government powers forward with new deal
18/06/07   DTI targets the weakest link
18/06/07   Next steps in tackling social exclusion – 12 approaches to tackle the country's most chronically excluded adults
18/06/07   Queen's Birthday Honours List 2007
18/06/07   Seven men have been jailed for involvement in a conspiracy to commit mass murder
18/06/07   The Government Office Tasking Framework
15/06/07   Defra looks into new affordable rural housing programme
15/06/07   Pearson praises regional commitment to tackle climate change
15/06/07   Bus and light rail statistics GB: January to March 2007
15/06/07   International Business Leader Takes On Employment And Skills Challenge: Appointment of the new Chair of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills
15/06/07   150 Employers Sign Skills Pledge For 1.7 Million Workers
15/06/07   New toolkit to reduce re-offending launched in Leicestershire and Rutland
15/06/07   Tessa Jowell welcomes IOC report
15/06/07   Making Government Consultation work better
15/06/07   The Commission on Integration and Cohesion: Building united and resilient communities - developing shared futures
15/06/07   Pearson sets out future carbon cutting role for energy companies
13/06/07   Unemployment is down and numbers on benefits continue to fall
13/06/07   New workshops to bring together town planners and local tourism chiefs
13/06/07   Groundbreaking research finds juries don't discriminate
12/06/07   Extra holidays for up to six million workers
12/06/07   Biodiversity indicators in your pocket 2007
12/06/07   Biodiversity is crucial in the fight against climate change
12/06/07   Tackling discrimination, modernising the law
12/06/07   London 2012: Your Games, Your Say
12/06/07   A voice is given to vulnerable witnesses
12/06/07   Regulations laid to deliver Energy Performane Certificates and HIP's
12/06/07   Protecting children on and off-line
11/06/07   £500,000 boost for action to reduce youth homelessness
11/06/07   Statutory Homelessness: 1st Quarter 2007, England
11/06/07   House Price Index - April 2007
11/06/07   Low-carbon car review issues call for evidence
08/06/07   Plans to mark the second anniversary of the London bombings
08/06/07   Legal Services Bill launches pilot amendments scheme
08/06/07   Young people to take part in Radiowaves project
08/06/07   New project to encourage children to think of others
08/06/07   New measures proposed to fight terrorism
08/06/07   Prioritisation Plan for Unitary Bids
07/06/07   Climate change action must not forget vulnerable households
06/06/07   Keeping every child on track for success
06/06/07   NHS back in balance
06/06/07   Project to encourage diverse range of NHS volunteers
06/06/07   Social housing more energy efficient than private sector homes
05/06/07   Safe, sensible, social: the national alcohol strategy
05/06/07   Change one thing on World Environment Day
05/06/07   Modernising the burial system
05/06/07   NHS Looking Good on Eve of 60th Birthday
05/06/07   Rail Minister announces £44m to transport freight by rail
05/06/07   Dhanda: Listening To The Voice Of Youth
05/06/07   Home Secretary calls for unity against violence
04/06/07   Islamic studies to become a “strategic” subject in Higher Education
04/06/07   Harman launches pilot to enable community groups to have a say in offenders' work
04/06/07   Ministers support Volunteers' Week
01/06/07   Classroom strategies to help primary pupils progress
01/06/07   Department for Transport proposes further changes to cycling rules in the Highway Code
01/06/07   New action to protect vulnerable workers
31/05/07   New power for teachers to search for knives
31/05/07   Free Early Education A Winner With Parents
31/05/07   New provisions of the Violent Crime Reduction Act come into effect
31/05/07   London 2012 Summer Roadshow launches on 15 June
31/05/07   Tenancy Deposit Protection shows early success
31/05/07   Celebrating 25 years of volunteering
31/05/07   Independent inquiry into healthcare for people with learning disabilities
30/05/07   Shutting down ASBO houses
30/05/07   Anonymous registration for electors protects vulnerable
30/05/07   Step forward on reducing climate change impacts from products
30/05/07   Funds To Help Parents Get Involved In Their Children’s Learning At Home
30/05/07   Parent Power Will Help Make Every School A Good One
30/05/07   Discussion paper on the tender for the second phase Futurebuilders Fund published
30/05/07   The GO Network Website Survey 2007
24/05/07   Strategy to cut waste published
24/05/07   Tough New Measures To Strip The Profit Out Of Crime
24/05/07   Securing Mobile Phones By Design
24/05/07   Teenage Pregnancy Rates Continue To Fall
24/05/07   Training for the NHS workforce
24/05/07   Public consultation on how to raise standards and improve outcomes for children
23/05/07   More Efficient, Low Carbon And Secure Energy - Darling Publishes Energy White Paper
23/05/07   £1m funding for 40 New Community Engagement Projects
23/05/07   Ministerial Football Match Kicks off Search for Heroes Changing Lives in the Fight Against Drugs
23/05/07   Gillian Merron celebrates success of sustainable travel towns
23/05/07   Draft Bill to improve public transport and tackle congestion
23/05/07   Biodiversity duty guidance published
22/05/07   Government Starts Fe Self Regulation Process By Handing Over Activities To College Principals
22/05/07   Free Training For Under 25s
22/05/07   Harm reduction action plan
22/05/07   Fast Track degrees are proving successful
22/05/07   £340 Million To Improve The Lives Of Disabled Children
21/05/07   Planning White Paper Released - Major Planning Reforms for a Sustainable Future
18/05/07   Defra: 2007 critical year for environment
18/05/07   Ministry of Justice - ministerial responsibilities
18/05/07   Education Key To Promoting Social Mobility
18/05/07   £1.7bn investment to keep Post Office network national
18/05/07   Unclaimed assets to improve young people's services across the UK
18/05/07   New way forward for children's palliative care
17/05/07   Lambeth Project Diverts Young People Away From Crime
17/05/07   Reducing Re-Offending Through Skills And Jobs
16/05/07   Home Secretary pledges fewer burdens and greater powers for Police
16/05/07   Falconer hails court breakthrough
16/05/07   Tough new guidelines to tackle weak and failing schools launched
16/05/07   Government Action To Increase Science And Engineering Careers
16/05/07   Secondary Schools Get Free Books To Boost Reading Among Teenage Boys
16/05/07   Hilary Armstrong makes appointments to the Better Regulation Commission
16/05/07   Hospital patients rate NHS care highly
16/05/07   Council Regulators get boost from new enforcement drive
16/05/07   Defra pledges flood resilience funding
16/05/07   Improving the flood resilience of new buildings
15/05/07   The local Better Regulation Office is established and board members are appointed
15/05/07   Government creates a fairer environment for honest businesses, widespread support offered by business community
15/05/07   UK's Cultural Olympiad to be 'the best the world has seen' vows Tessa Jowell
15/05/07   Young People Have Their Say - Staying On In Education Or Training To 18?
15/05/07   New Deal for Dyslexia Government gives ‘No To Failure’ a £900,000 kick start
15/05/07   Councils urged to reap the benefits of handing assets to communities
15/05/07   100's more health projects to boost NHS at local level
14/05/07   Chewing gum litter public awareness campaigns announced
14/05/07   Prime Minister Welcomes 200 Trust School Pathfinders – And Launches 400 Academy Prospectus "Double The Expected Number Of Schools Want To Become Trusts"
14/05/07   New Figures Show The Scale Of School Building Across England
14/05/07   House Price Index - March 2007
14/05/07   Dads Set to Benefit from Additional Paternity Leave and Pay
14/05/07   Ad campaign launched with 50 days to go until England goes smokefree
14/05/07   Citizens’ Summit puts climate change in the spotlight
14/05/07   The real price of sex
14/05/07   New NHS projects to improve occupational health for local businesses
11/05/07   Appointment of new member of the Youth Justice Board
11/05/07   New Charter Attacks Cash in Transit Robbery
11/05/07   Rate reform boost for small businesses and town centres
11/05/07   £3.6 Million For Gifted And Talented Learning
11/05/07   Joining up to keep charities safe from Terrorism - Charity Commission responds to Government review
11/05/07   Survey shows 94 per cent engage with Sport or Arts
10/05/07   Award for Government Office Network DVD
09/05/07   Lord Falconer's response to the creation of the Ministry of Justice
09/05/07   John Armitt to head Olympic Delivery Authority
09/05/07   £12m for home generators
09/05/07   The new Home Office: Protecting the public, securing our future
08/05/07   Home Office Minister meets Basildon's crime fighters and welcomes a fall in crime
08/05/07   Climate change poses unprecedented challenge to England’s cathedrals
08/05/07   New Centres For Excellence In Teacher Training
04/05/07   Health effects of Climate Change
04/05/07   New Construction Orders: March 2007
02/05/07   English Secondary Schools Climate Change Pack
02/05/07   New Equalities Legislation Comes into Force
30/04/07   Gender Equality Scheme
26/04/07   New figures show growth in school workforce
26/04/07   BCS Crime Stable: Total Recorded Crime Continues to Fall
25/04/07   New Academy to Help Parents Do Their Best For Their Children
23/04/07   Government backs new campaign to slash CO2 emissions
20/04/07   First meeting of new anti-terror group
20/04/07   Final epidemiology report into Avian influenza outbreak in Suffolk published
16/04/07   Five new board members appointed to Sport England
16/04/07   New support available for Commissioners of children's services
16/04/07   House Price Index - February 2007
12/04/07   Sure Start Children’s Centre Pass the Million Mark
10/04/07   Innovative help to tackle 'neighbours from hell'
04/04/07   Boost to London schools as successful initiative to raise standards is extended
04/04/07   Social Enterprise schemes discover funding allocations
04/04/07   Green light for home energy improvements
03/04/07   Round 3 Local Area Agreements Signed and Delivered
30/03/07   Fifty-six Councils taken off planning performance hit list
30/03/07   'Fridge ratings for museums' - Government announces plans for new energy ratings for public buildings
29/03/07   Home Office responsibilities to change
29/03/07   New Detailed Attendance Records allow a more Targeted Approach to Reducing Pupil Absence
28/03/07   More Choice for Students, More Skills for UK PLC - 145 pioneering partnerships to offer thousands of places on brand new Diplomas
23/03/07   Economic success depends on all young people staying on in education or training until 18
23/03/07   Breaking drug networks to cut crime
23/03/07   100 days and counting
23/03/07   Small community organisations to get £80m – and other third sector Budget announcements
22/03/07   Coalfields discover they have a second life
22/03/07   Miliband welcomes Budget as next steps to low-carbon economy
20/03/07   New data shows excluded families must get personalised support programmes – families at risk review begins
19/03/07   Making good progress: 10 local authorities selected for groundbreaking pilot
16/03/07   New projections of households for England and the regions to 2029
16/03/07   No adverse health impacts from alternate weekly collections
15/03/07   Government launches healthy living initiative
14/03/07   IDeA to train 2,000 local commissioners on involving the third sector in delivering services
13/03/07   Digital Challenge Winner 2007
13/03/07   Government action to boost support for children with special educational needs
05/03/07   Over £300 million to encourage business growth
16/02/07   Schools in deprived areas to receive pedometers
16/02/07   New powers will help local authorities work together on waste
16/02/07   Multi-million pound social enterprise fund unveiled
16/02/07   Respect handbook - a guide for local services
16/02/07   The Role of City Development Companies in English Cities and City-Regions
12/02/07   Defra announces renewal of grants to Environmental Action Fund projects to support sustainable living
09/02/07   Place matters report
25/01/07   Regional indicators
23/01/07   40 areas chosen to lead Respect
08/12/06   Supporting people – added value through Local Area Agreements?
30/11/06   The Tilley Awards
31/10/06   Climate Change Legislation
26/10/06   Local Government White Paper
24/10/06   Tranquillity - On the Map
24/10/06   Jack Lemley Steps Down From ODA
20/10/06   Local Area Agreements and the Voluntary and Community Sector
20/10/06   Regional Seminars
17/10/06   Final Assisted Areas Map
17/10/06   Converting traditional farm buildings
17/10/06   Remembrance Sunday 2006
16/10/06   Deadline approaching for Queen's Award applications
10/10/06   New HomeBuy mortgage launched
10/10/06   Children in Care Green Paper: Care Matters
03/10/06   Age Discrimination Laws
02/10/06   New Web Support to Providers of Affordable Homes in Rural Communities
02/10/06   Consultation on the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee 2007-2010 Strategy
02/10/06   New Gangmaster Law comes into force
02/10/06   Bringing Families Together Through Learning
28/09/06   New rules to help farmers protect the countryside
27/09/06   Office of Climate Change Starts Work
27/09/06   Launch of the My UK competition by Downing Street and Blue Peter
26/09/06   Human Rights - Here to Stay
14/09/06   Government Information sharing can help protect the most disadvantaged
06/09/06   MPS Equalities Scheme – Consultation
29/08/06   New Support for Low Cost Home Ownership
29/08/06   Latest Asylum and Immigration Figures
25/08/06   Integration and Community Cohesion
23/08/06   New Handbook shows how roads can help to protect Butterflies
18/08/06   Deadline for bad design
18/08/06   Defra incentive schemes encourage recycling
16/08/06   Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund - further funding available.
15/08/06   Using Data to Improve Services - A toolkit for neighbourhood management initiatives
08/08/06   Invest to Save - Inclusive Communities Budget
08/08/06   Food Standards Agency Open Board Meetings
27/07/06   Olympic Delivery Programme Launched
27/07/06   PFI Funding for Street Lighting
24/07/06   Ruth Kelly sets out her agenda for devolution
24/07/06   The Tour of Britain 2006
21/07/06   'Prevention, Not Crisis, Investing in the Future' - delivering housing related support
11/07/06   New Climate Change Communications Projects in the Regions
11/07/06   'Be part of 2012' Roadshow in the Regions
23/06/06   Early Years Foundation Stage Consultation
16/06/06   New Local Authority Health Profiles
07/06/06   How to Create Quality Parks and Open Spaces - 4-13 July 2006
08/05/06   Machinery of Government Changes - Department for Communities and Local Government
27/04/06   Delivering a New Strategic Approach to Housing and Planning Seminar
24/04/06   Securing the Regions' Futures
07/04/06   H5N1 Avian flu
22/03/06   Government Office Review
16/03/06   How to Improve Residential Areas
08/03/06   Sustainable Communities Conference - Vision into Reality
05/12/05   Providing homes for a sustainable future
05/12/05   2005 Pre-Budget Report
30/11/05   The Government Office Network Stakeholder Survey
30/11/05   The GO Network Annual Report 2004-05
30/11/05   Government Launches Review on Powers of the GLA
14/11/05   Action starts on cutting the UK’s regulatory burden
03/11/05   ODPM Sustainable Communities Conference
27/07/05   Deputy Prime Minister's Awards for Sustainable Communities
06/07/05   London Wins Olympics
22/06/05   Local Area Agreements Rolled Out to all Top Tier Authorities
20/06/05   Government Office Review
18/06/05   Local Area Agreements
18/06/05   New websites for Government Offices
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