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The contents of this website are under review following the formation of a new HM Government. Current information may be found at www.gonetwork.gos.gov.uk.

Public Health

The Regional Public Health Group at Government Office focuses on two main areas: improving public health and improving social care services for people in Yorkshire and The Humber.

Public health works across communities and populations rather than at the level of the individual. It emphasises collective responsibility for health, its protection and disease prevention. Key to this is the recognition of the key role of the state, linked to a concern for the underlying socio-economic and wider determinants of health, as well as disease. Partnership working with all those who contribute to the health of the population is a main aim of public health action at all levels – nationally, regionally and locally. More information on the national picture

We work in partnership with colleagues in the NHS (National Health Service), local authorities and other agencies, such as Yorkshire Forward, to improve and protect the health and well-being of local populations.  This involves looking at issues that influence and are affected by health and wellbeing such as housing, education and skills, culture, community engagement, the economy and transport, as well as looking at health inequalities within our region. 


Key is our work to support the negotiation and review of Local Area Agreements, through which we look for opportunities to improve health and well-being, according to local need.

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Regional Public Health Group - Yorkshire and The Humber
Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber
8 City Walk
LS11 9AT
tel: 0113 341 2625
email: yhpublichealth@dh.gsi.gov.uk

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