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The contents of this website are under review following the formation of a new HM Government. Current information may be found at www.gonetwork.gos.gov.uk.


Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber will have an important role in managing the consequences of any incident or emergency. The organisation- often beyond just the Regional Resilience Team- will help to drive the recovery from the economic, social and environmental impacts of an emergency.

Government Offices, through the work of the Regional Resilience Teams, have a responsibility to assist local responders and responsible central government departments in recovery and restoration of areas affected by an incident back to state of normality. More information on the national picture

The strong relationships that the Regional Resilience Team has built both within the Government Office and with regional partners will inevitably play a key role in ensuring that the Yorkshire and Humber region is not only prepared for emergency incidents, but also in the best possible position to recover from them.

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