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14-19 Education

The Department for Education and Skills published the 14-19 Education and Skills White Paper on 23 February 2005. The White Paper sets out how the Government will fulfill the educational needs and aspirations of every young person.

Government Offices have an important role in helping the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) deliver its education strategy for the next five years and beyond. It focuses on giving children an excellent start in education, enabling young people to equip themselves with life and work skills, and encouraging adults to achieve their full potential through learning. More information on the national picture

The White Paper makes proposals which build on the strengths of the existing education system and are designed to:

  • Ensure that every young person masters functional English and maths before they leave education
  • Improve vocational education
  • Stretch all young people and help universities to differentiate between the best candidates
  • Re-motivate disengaged learners
  • Ensure delivery of an appropriate curriculum

The reforms place renewed emphasis on the basics throughout secondary education, putting achievement in English and maths at the heart of new Diplomas. The proposals will ensure that students have extra support to master the basics and have more choice over where and what to learn.

The proposals introduce new specialised lines of learning leading to Diplomas in 14 broad sector areas. Employers, through Sector Skills Councils, will lead in their design and higher education institutions will also have an important role to play. These new qualifications will combine skills development and general education. They will eventually replace the current system of around 3,500 separate qualifications and will provide an alternative route to both higher education and skilled employment.

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