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Partners discuss new priorities for Yorkshire & the Humber

Published: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 15:44:02

Local authorities from across Yorkshire & the Humber will tomorrow join forces with their counterparts from Primary Care Trusts, police and fire services and representatives of the voluntary and community sector to discuss how they will use radical new legislation to deliver real and lasting benefits in the region.

The Local Government White Paper (published in October 2006) puts in place a new framework for strategic leadership in local areas, bringing together partners to focus on the needs of citizens and communities. It requires the local authority and local partners to cooperate with each other to agree the priorities in a Local Area Agreement (LAA) - a deal between central and local government on funding and what needs to be done in an area.

Tomorrow's event, taking place at the Government Office in Leeds is an opportunity for all the key partners in the region to discuss how they can make the new LAA arrangements work for the region and deliver real and lasting improvements.

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