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101 is 1 - Sheffield's 101 hotline celebrates 1st birthday

Published: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:21:33

It is only 12 months old but already it has grown up to be a trusted friend and confidante to more than 60,000 residents of Sheffield. Today (12 June) the 101 non-emergency hotline will celebrate its first birthday with a special reception where those who take the calls can meet some of the people who have made them during the past year.

The team of specially-trained call advisers has now taken calls from one in every nine residents of the city's to report a variety of anti-social behaviour and seek advice on community safety issues. Topping the list are calls to report drunk and rowdy behaviour, closely followed by noise nuisance. Customer satisfaction ratings with the 101 service are high; it's easy to remember, always available and nine out of ten callers would use it again and recommend it.

To mark a year of taking calls and taking action to improve the lives of Sheffield residents, a birthday 'tea party' is planned for today - Tuesday June 12th, at Sheffield Town Hall. The reception gives 101 call advisers the first opportunity to meet face to face with some of the people they have helped. Together with frontline workers from Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire Police, they will mark the occasion by releasing 101 black and orange balloons in the Peace Gardens.

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