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The contents of this website are under review following the formation of a new HM Government. Current information may be found at www.gonetwork.gos.gov.uk.


GOYH is working with partners to improve levels of attainment at Key Stages by promoting the vocational route and targeting good practice seminars on the worst performing schools.

At Key Stage 2 the gap in attainment between the region and national figures continues to be reduced, although further work needs to be done to maintain these advances. Over the last three years to 2007, Yorkshire &Humber has improved at double the national rate of increase in English of 2% to 79% regionally against 80% for England. In Maths over the same period, the gap has been maintained at one percentage point to 76% for Yorkshire & Humber against 77% nationally.

A similar picture emerges at Key Stage 3, over the last three years to 2007 English has remained static at 70% as have figures for England at 74%. In Maths over the same period Yorkshire & Humber has mirrored the national fluctuations and increase in performance but has seen the gap widen by a percentage point to 73% and 76% respectively. In Science the region improved by 3% to 70%, equalling the national rise of 3% to 73%.

Key Stage 4 results continue to show good progress in the region.  In the last 3 years to 2007, achievement rose 6.3% to 57.6% narrowing the gap with national figures which rose 4.5% to 60.8% in the same period.  When including performance in English and Maths, progress in Yorkshire & Humber is more marked against that in England as a whole.  This has risen at nearly double the national rate, by 3.3% to 42.2% against a 1.7% rise to 46% nationally.


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