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Teenage mums train to help other young people in Doncaster

Published: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 12:38:34

A project which teaches new job-friendly skills to teenage mums, who in turn educate other young people about the potential pitfalls of early parenthood, is under way in Doncaster thanks to Government funding.

Young mothers have been learning presentation skills to prepare them for going back to the classroom to give an insight into their lives to other teenagers.

In return, they are acquiring new, job-friendly training to take to potential future employers.  The young mums volunteered to join the Peer Educators project, funded through the Department for Children Schools and Families’ Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF), to enable other young women to understand what life is like looking after a baby while friends are still at school.

They are taking part in a number of training sessions over eight weeks, which also include modules on giving sexual health advice to others. After training is complete the group will go into local secondary schools, with support from learning mentors and school nurses, to share their knowledge.

Young parent and peer educator Hannah Marriott said: “It has helped me to improve my confidence and realise how far I’ve come in the past six months since having my baby and doing the course. It’s also quite an achievement knowing that I may be able to highlight the difficulties of being a young mum.”

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