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Social Care needs people from Scunthorpe

Published: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 16:50:37

Mandy Thompson from Scunthorpe is encouraging young people who get a kick out of helping people within the community to apply for a job in social care in a new national film.

There are more opportunities than ever before for young jobseekers to access a career in adult social care.  The Department of Health would like to see more people in Scunthorpe take up jobs in this sector. 

Mandy Thompson, who features in the national film said:

"As far as job satisfaction goes, helping people maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle while also bringing a smile to yourself and those around you, is second to none." 

"In my mind waking up each day to a different challenge is inspirational." 

"There are many opportunities for those who have never worked within this environment.  From my own experience, I can say that training, support and encouragement have been offered throughout to enable me to fulfil such an important role within our society." 

Across the country there are 50,000 jobs on the Care First Careers scheme available to motivated, interested individuals from early 2010.  The scheme, funded by £75 million pounds of Government funding offers jobs to young people who have been unemployed for almost 12 months. 

Health and social care apprenticeship are also available and they allow candidates to experience first hand the rewards of working with and caring for vulnerable people.  It provides practical, on the job experience whilst working towards recognised qualifications and being paid at the same time. 

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