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The contents of this website are under review following the formation of a new HM Government. Current information may be found at www.gonetwork.gos.gov.uk.

Success Stories

For success stories across the Government Office network, please select a region from the right-hand side. The following are the key successess in each Office:

Government Office for the East of England

Worked with 35 local authorities to ensure that 30,000 homes were brought up to the decent homes standard between 2001 and 2004. The remaining 99,000 not currently meeting the standard will be improved to meet it by 2010.

Government Office for the East Midalnds

Decent Homes target met in Derby and Ashfield this summer - first in the country; transport in Greater Nottingham is leading the way in tackling congestion and helping to deliver economic benefits; Markham Employment Growth Zone and Meden Valley are delivering sustainable regeneration in the former coalfields.

Government Office for London

Over 600 entrepreneurs have been assisted under the Access to Finance programme. This has helped them obtain funds from mainstream lenders or alternative funding streams to start up or grow their businesses. It was managed by Government Office for London and funded as part of London’s £170m Objective 2 European Programme.

Government Office for the North East

Has worked with local authorities and housing associations to help reduce the number of non-decent homes in the region by 64,000 since 1997 and through its work with the North East Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, the region has achieved a significant reduction in crime (eg 23% cut in burglaries in County Durham in 03-04 and 15% cut in Sunderland).

Government Office for the North West

The abandoned mills of Ancoats, the world’s first industrial estate, are being transformed into a vibrant residential/mixed use area of central Manchester.

Government Office for the South East

£625m of Regional Housing Board funding is producing nearly 16,000 homes in 2004-05 and 2005-06. This follows £131m of RHB funding in 2003-04 which produced more than 2,400 homes.

Government Office for the South West

The Combined Universities in Cornwall - as the £210m flagship of an innovation led Objective 1 programme focussed on fostering high value small business growth - is lifting skills and aspiration and creating pathways to prosperity for the most excluded. This is a step change in regeneration in this region.

Government Office for the West Midlands

The Housing Action Trust at Castle Vale in Birmingham has effected a remarkable improvement in the quality of life on this previously disintegrating housing estate. Over the 12-year life of the HAT 1,486 homes have been built, 1,333 homes have been improved, 1,461 jobs have been created, unemployment has fallen from 26% to 5.3%, educational achievement has improved markedly and crime has fallen. Approximately 9,000 people live at Castle Vale.

Government Office for the Yorkshire and The Humber

Investment by the South Yorkshire Pathfinder will improve more than 2,000 homes by 2006. Subject to future reviews, over £1bn will be made available to Arms Length Management Organsations in rounds 1-4 in the region to meet the decent homes standard. The Regional Housing Board has invested £85m over 04-06 in a radical new approach to transforming low demand areas and supporting sustainable communities by clearing more than 1000 properties, improving over 3000 and building in excess of 1300 new homes.

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