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The contents of this website are under review following the formation of a new HM Government. Current information may be found at www.gonetwork.gos.gov.uk.



The Government Office for the South East publishes a quarterly magazine. From time to time we publish other corporate documents. Hard copies of our publications are distributed to up to 2000 decision makers in public, private and voluntary sector organisations, mainly in South East England.

To get the best possible display when downloading these publications, please open up Acrobat, go into your 'edit' menu, select 'preferences' and then under 'internet' tick 'display in browser' first, then under 'page display' from the preferences menu and make sure that the 'overprint preview' option is ticked.

GO-South East –  Quarterly Magazine

GO South East - Issue 25 (Winter 2009-10, pdf: 4784)
GO South East - Issue 24 (Autumn 2009-10, pdf: 3969)
GO South East - Issue 23 (Summer 2009-10, pdf: 4418)
GO South East - Issue 22 (Winter 2008-09, pdf: 2480)
GO South East - Issue 21 (Autumn 2008-09, pdf: 2416Kb)
GO South East - Issue 20 (Summer 2008-09, pdf: 4319Kb)
GO South East - Issue 19 (Spring 2008-09, pdf: 4049Kb)
GO South East - Issue 18 (Winter 2007-08, pdf: 3332Kb)
GO South East - Issue 17 (Summer 2007-08, pdf: 2076Kb)
GO South East - Issue 16 (Spring 2006-07, pdf: 2488Kb)
GO South East - Issue 15 (Winter 2006-07, pdf: 2660kb)
GO South East - Issue 14 (Autumn 2006, pdf: 4441kb)
GO South East - Issue 13 (Summer 2006, pdf: 2202kb)
GO South East - Issue 12 (Spring 2006, pdf: 1830kb)
GO South East - Issue 11 (Winter 2005-06, pdf: 2000kb)

Related documents

  • PDF icon Delivering Public Service Agreements - the Government Office role  (1464kb)
       Published 12 September 2008 the document is a snapshot of the GO Network’s key intermediary role between local and regional delivery and national policy making to support Public Service Agreement (PSA) delivery. And is a companion to the Strategic Priorities Framework 2008-11.
  • PDF icon The GOSE Corporate Plan 2008-11 (1520kb)
  • PDF icon Strategic Priorities Framework 2008-11 (1kb)
       The Government Office Strategic Priorities Framework 2008-11 sets out Whitehall departments’ collective priorities for the Government Office Network. The Framework describes how Government Offices will fulfil their role in influencing policy making, using their expert knowledge of places to deliver better public services and aligning regional strategies. Published 30 June 2008.

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