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European funding

European funding creates a world of opportunities for the development of the North East, bringing funding into the region for regeneration.

The European Union supports poorer regions of Member States by providing funds to help them regenerate their economies and create new jobs. There are three funding programmes known collectively as structural funds: More information on the national picture

European funding is distributed from the European Commission, to areas in economic decline or in need of regeneration. 

North East ESF Framework

The regional ESF framework sets out the direction for the use of European Social Fund in the North East from 2007 to 2013, focusing ESF investment of £195m to support:

  • improving employability skills of the unemployed/economically inactive
  • working with those not in education, employment of training (NEET)
  • community grants
  • developing a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Regional ESF frameworks inform the delivery of ESF funded activities so that they add value to regional employment and skills priorities, complement other regional funding streams and contribute to the objectives of the ESF programme.
The framework was reviewed in late 2009 to ensure it remains fit for purpose in the context of:

  • The economic downturn, and any changes in emphasis required, for example to support individuals out of work, in danger of being made redundant, or requiring new skills.
  • The approach to creating jobs and supporting skills in key growth sectors set out in the ‘New Industry, New Jobs’ strategy.
  • Responding to opportunities such as the potential green jobs in the region’s low carbon economic area.
  • Strengthening complementarity with ERDF funding in the region.

The updated framework was formerly submitted to ESFD in April 2010 and presented to the ESF Regional Committee on 5 May.

If you would like a copy of the first ESF framework email dan.pollard@gone.gsi.gov.uk

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