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Sports clubs kick off with Lottery Awards

Published: Wed, 13 May 2009 12:18:16

A women’s football club in Lincoln and a new youth cricket club in Bassetlaw have netted more than £15,000 in Awards for All grants. The projects are two of 21 in the East Midlands sharing £154,856 in the latest round of awards, announced today.

North Wheatley with Leverton Cricket Club has hit a six with a grant of £7,755. The club will use the award to upgrade its existing cricketing facilities with the aim of developing youth cricket in the local area. The grant will contribute towards the cost of coaching and coaching courses, a bowling machine and scoreboard.

Will Saville, club committee member, said:

"We're very grateful to Awards for All as the area has a lack of local facilities and this is a real opportunity to get primary schoolchildren involved in cricket and crucially ensures our club can carry on for a few years yet.

"We've never had any youth cricket before at the club and there should be a great response. We expect to have around 30-40 youngsters taking part. The funding will pay for ten weeks of free coaching offered to all primary schools in the area, and the junior team will hopefully develop from there".

Meanwhile, Ooh Lincoln Ladies Football Club scores £7,327 to support volunteers and junior players through furthering their sporting qualifications, first aid training, child protection training and equality training.

Sam Willett, First Team Coach, Head of Youth Development, Head of Grass Roots, and Welfare Officer said:

"The grant provides us with the opportunity to further train our volunteers, meaning we can give them something back for supporting the club. We are now able to help the older girls in the club improve their qualifications, perhaps helping them with a career in coaching or teaching if that's what they'd like to do.

"Adult courses can get expensive, so this grant will help many girls become coaches who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity, and of course it means our young players get the benefit from having additional coaches."

Awards for All is the small grants scheme administered by the Big Lottery Fund on behalf of Lottery good cause funders, Arts Council England, Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund and Sport England. The scheme is now closed and each of the lottery good cause distributors who supported the scheme now run their own individual small grants programmes. For further information, visit www.awardsforall.org.uk.

Mick McGrath, Big Lottery Fund Head of the East Midlands Region, said on behalf of the Awards for All funders:

"There are so many people in the East Midlands doing tremendous things to help children get active, learn new skills, and broaden their education, and Ooh Lincoln Ladies Football Club and North Wheatley with Leverton Cricket Club are no exception. We're delighted to support these two projects that make up part of the 21 awards given in the East Midlands, sharing more than £150,000 of Lottery grants this month alone."

For a full list of award recipients visit the Awards for All website.

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