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East Midlands Councils among top ten reducers, re-users and recyclers

Published: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 12:02:30

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published municipal waste statistics for all English local authorities (LAs) in 2006/07. These show how individual LAs are contributing to national goals to reduce waste, recycle more and landfill less.

Seven LAs in our region feature in the lists of top ten performing councils:

  • Oadby & Wigston Borough Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council have low residual household waste rates of 191kg and 204kg per head respectively.
  • North Kesteven District Council has the best recycling and composting rate in England at 55 per cent, with Rushcliffe Borough Council close behind at 52.5 per cent and Harborough District Council at 48.6 per cent.
  • Gedling Borough Council is one of the top ten dry recyclers, with a rate of 32.1 per cent.
  • Harborough District Council and North Kesteven District Council also appeared in the top green recyclers list, at 29 per cent and 27.4 per cent.
  • Oadby & Wigston Borough Council has one of the lowest household waste rates per head, at 329kg.
  • Kettering Borough Council was recognised for improving its household residual waste rates and, alongside East Lindsey District Council, has also improved its recycling/composting rates.

Across England, 83 per cent of LAs collected less household rubbish (residual waste) than in 2005/06; 94 per cent of authorities recycled and composted more of their household waste than in 2005/06; and 88 per cent of authorities landfilled less of their municipal waste than in 2005/06.

LAs have collectively boosted national recycling and composting rates to 31 per cent and disposed of 1 million tonnes less waste in landfill in 2006/07, compared to 2005/06.

Climate Change and Waste Minister, Joan Ruddock, said:

"These statistics show that many householders and local authorities have got the "reduce, reuse and recycle" message and are doing a great job. They are helping in our battle against dangerous climate change. The best local authorities have achieved close to double the average. But some authorities are not doing anywhere near enough. Under-performing councils must do more to help their residents reduce their rubbish and recycle more from their homes."

Other findings from the statistics include:

  • Less rubbish - the lowest amount of residual household waste collected in 2006/07 was 180 kilograms per person. The highest was 449kg per person.
  • More recycling - the highest percentage household recycling and composting in 2006/07 was 55.5 per cent. The lowest rate was 11.8 per cent.
  • Less landfill - the lowest percentage of municipal waste landfilled in 2006/07 was 7 per cent. The highest was 93 per cent.

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