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UNFCCC climate negotiations, Copenhagen: December 7-18, 2009

After 48 hours continuous negotiations, the COP15 is concluded with a 'Copenhagen Accord' (PDF). With international backing for 2 degrees celcius, the Accord kick starts global action on climate change.

Find out what happened in the final hours of negotiations.

Timeline: The road to Copenhagen

View the interactive timeline, below, that marks the key milestones on the road to Copenhagen.

Act on Copenhagen timeline

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Latest news is no longer updated. But we're still working for international action on climate change & subscribers will continue to receive news from us.

China, India & US join 60+ countries, representing over 78% global emissions, that submit 2020 mitigation targets. Targets are in 'striking distance' of 2 degrees.

Highly anticipated COP-15 negotiations begin. View video diaries, blogs, commentary and news from the negotiations as 192 countries hammer out a global climate deal.

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