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Thames Gateway Planning Framework (RPG 9A)

Thames Gateway Planning Framework (RPG 9A)

Published 16 June 1995
Type(s) Strategies and action plans
Site Thames Gateway and the Olympics
ISBN 9780117531093
Price £20.00 (free to download below)


This Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) promotes a vision of the future of the Thames Gateway, the area down the Thames from London previously known as the East Thames Corridor. It sets out the government's planning policies for the area and a broad agenda for action by the many bodies with a role in its future.

It also describes the 'Planning Framework' which forms a supplement to the RPG for the South East (March 1994). The document emphasises economic growth, working with the market and a sustainable pattern of development.

The Planning Framework establishes a set of principles, agreed strategic objectives for economic and housing development, transport and the environment, and outlines a land-use vision for the sub-region. Using many drawings and maps, the RPG defines the Gateway area and shows how partnership and regeneration will be key aspects.

The Framework itself covers economic development, housing, environment and transport, with the main areas for development or conservation. It concludes by setting out a timetable for development.



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