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Supporting union reps: a manager's guide

Use this tool if you need support managing trade union representatives who ask for time off to carry out their trade union duties. Work your way through example situations for best practice advice on what to do.

Dealing with requests for time off

If someone you manage is a trade union representative and asks you for time off work for their trade union duties, it's important that their request is dealt with correctly. If not, it can affect working relationships and team morale.

Check your staff handbook or intranet to see who should deal with the request. If it's you, their line manager, then you should be aware of the rules around dealing with these requests.

This tool will take you through step-by-step examples of requests for time off for trade union duties, and explain the best way to consider and deal with the requests.

Before you start

Before starting this tool you may find it helpful to read the guidance explaining employee's rights to time off for trade union duties and activities - see 'More useful links' below.

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