Carbon and sustainability consultation for 2009/10

On 17 December 2008 the RFA launched an 8 week consultation on changes to our carbon and sustainability guidance. The consultation closed on 12 February 2009.


We have published a summary of the responses to the consultation on our C&S guidance page.

Consultation documents

The consultation document is available here. The consultation is available split into three parts below. You can also download the list of consultation questions as either an Adobe PDF or editable RTF file.

Also listed below, in addition to the consultation document, are a proposal by our consultants Ecofys for a norm for certification and audit of standards along with benchmarking documents for various existing certification schemes.

The powerpoint presentations from the consultation workshop are available at the end of the list of associated files.

Last Modified: 24 Mar 2009

RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_200901202933.pdf814.78 KB
RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_Questions.pdf41.41 KB
RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_Part_One_200901203137.pdf353.72 KB
RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_Part_Two.pdf163.76 KB
RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_Part_Three.pdf692.25 KB
New_default_fuel_chains.pdf285.56 KB
Norm_for_audit_and_certification__-_website_version_200812185358.pdf111.86 KB
Benchmark_ES_-_website_version.pdf208.18 KB
Benchmark_FEDIOL_-_website_version.pdf116.39 KB
Benchmark_GenesisQA_-_website_version.pdf105.59 KB
Benchmark_GlobalGAP_-_website_version.pdf96.03 KB
Benchmark_GreenPalm_-_website_version.pdf196.98 KB
Benchmark_IFC_-_website_version.pdf106.9 KB
Benchmark_German_QS_-_website_version.pdf180.46 KB
Benchmark_RTRS_-_website_version.pdf99.31 KB
Benchmark_SQC_-_website_version.pdf85.59 KB
081217_-RFA_CS_consultation_workshop_final.pdf183.95 KB
Ecofys_slides_for_consultation_workshop_171208.pdf77.67 KB
E4tech_slide_pack_for_stakeholder_workshop_171208.pdf98.4 KB
RFA_C_and_S_Consultation_Questions.rtf7.69 MB