Carbon Calculator

The RFA carbon calculator 

The carbon calculator is a standalone programme that contains default values for the carbon emissions associated with various types of biofuels. It allows fuel suppliers to calculate the carbon saved on a batch of fuels, as an alternative to looking up values in the C&S guidance tables. It should reduce the potential for errors. Guidance on using the carbon calculator is available here.

The calculator can be downloaded here - this calculator uses the RTFO lifecycle analysis methodology in effect during 2008/09 and 2009/10.

RED-ready calculator - testing version

We are also currently testing a new 'RED-ready' calculator. This new version will apply the lifecycle analysis methodology laid out in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. You can help us test the new calculator by downloading it from here.

The first testing period has closed, and we are currently working on a revised version. However, if you have any further comments, please continue to send them to Please note, we will be releasing a revised version for use in reporting during 2010/11 shortly - we would not advise suppliers to use the testing version to facilitate reporting. 

Carbon calculator features:

  • Calculate the carbon intensity of their biofuel on a batch basis as required by the RFA
  • Covers all the biofuels, feedstocks and countries of origin listed in the Technical Guidance and will include every default value within the calculations
  • Automatically updates
  • Generate monthly reports as a CSV file that can be uploaded to the RFA website to comply with C&S reporting requirements
  • Generate the annual report tables required by the RFA (as specified in the Technical Guidance)
  • Load a file from, for example, a biofuel producer into the system and retain any information they provide such as data references, batch numbers etc
  • Can be run "offline" so that all of the user's batches will be stored on their own PC. Not all information (e.g. nitrogen inputs) has to be passed on to the next supplier in the supply chain (but can be if needed)

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows



Last Modified: 05 Nov 2009

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Last Modified: 13 May 2010