Version 3 of our C&S guidance comes into effect from 15 April 2010 for the reporting year 2010/11. The guidance for 2010/11 is intended to be 'RED-ready'. 


Part one


This contains an explanation of carbon and sustainability reporting under the RTFO; lists of sustainability standards that have been benchmarked against the RTFO sustainability principles; and default values for the carbon emissions of fuel from different countries and feedstocks. Details of standards benchmarks are available in our Detailed Benchmarks document. Unless you are looking for specific guidance on reporting with real data, detailed explanations of default fuel chains or guidance on verification of data, this is probably the place to look.

Part two: Carbon reporting - default values and fuel chains

Part two contains detailed explanations of the full lifecycle analysis of the default carbon values and instructions on using real data to adjust default carbon savings values. It is accompanied by the detailed carbon intensity data and carbon intensity templates.

Last Modified: 30 Apr 2010