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Getting more people on two wheels takes soft measures as well as hard infrastructure. Our professional support team can advise on a range of measures to encourage cycling. Find out more

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Cycling England’s flagship cycle training scheme Bikeability is now available in half the local authorities in England. Bikeability gives young people the skills and confidence to cycle safely. Find out more

Cycling City, Cycling Towns

England's first Cycling City and eleven new Cycling Towns are set to receive the largest investment in cycling the country has ever seen.

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Cycling England's flagship award scheme, teaching children to cycle safely and responsibly.

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Personality of the Month - Paddy Harrop, Forestry Commision

Paddy Harrop

What is your job or other main activity that involves cycling?
As well as cycling I oversee all of the other recreation work for the Forestry Commission in England including: our twenty three visitors centres, over 370 walking riding and cycling trails; our live music programme.

How long have you done that?
Since 2003.


Scheme of the Month - Pedal Cycle Parking Places, Brighton & Hove

Pedal Cycle Parking Places, Brighton

Pedal Cycle Parking Places (PCPPs): More than just bike parking

Research shows that a lack of cycle parking can deter people from cycling. However, balancing the needs of everyone in constrained urban environments in order to implement cycle parking can be tricky. Brighton & Hove’s characterful city centre and conservation residential areas often include narrow streets and narrow footways.


Scheme of the Month - Get Gorge-ous Cycle Challenge

Get Gorgeous Challenge

The Get Gorge-ous Cycle Challenge is organised by Cycle Bristol CTC to encourage and support new and nervous cyclists. They offer a series of bike rides starting at five miles in January, gradually increasing the distance so that people can build up their fitness and confidence to tackle the 50-mile challenge ride in June.

The first year was a great success. Of the 120 people who registered in January 2009, 80 successfully completed the challenge


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