Many of our users have provided testimonials regarding the Supply2.gov.uk service.

Here are just a few of the comments from the various buyers and suppliers registered on Supply2.gov.uk

testimonials testimonials testimonials testimonials

"The Supply2.gov.uk Roadshow was excellent value for money. The advice I received on the day from the procurement expert was second to none. I have previous experience of tendering for public sector work; however, the additional practical knowledge I gained from the Roadshow has enhanced my ability to sell to this complex market."

Peter Welch,
Meridian Cost Beneft
(Recovery Audit and Telecoms Auditing Services)

"The Supply2.gov.uk portal has been a valuable and effective tool in assisting Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) to source the most economically advantageous solutions. The portal publishes TWFRS’s procurement requirements to a wide variety of suppliers, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with minimal effort required from the purchasing body. This ensures that a wider selection of suppliers become aware of TWFRS’s intention to procure goods and services, leading to increased competition and significantly increasing the chance of attaining the overall objective of obtaining value for money whilst procuring in a transparent and fair manner."

Tony Strong,
Procurement Manager
Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

"We signed up to the Supply2.gov.uk Daily Email Alert Service and were delighted to spot an opportunity in 2007. We followed the tender process and in January 2008 were awarded a contract to operate the school transport run for the London Borough of Havering. Without the email alert, we would never have known about this opportunity – I would strongly recommend that other local businesses sign up as soon as they can and would also be more than happy to speak to any businesses who would like to hear more about the service."

Dharm Tanna,
Business Partner
Star Mini Cabs & Couriers

"For a company like ours that works with large publicsector businesses across the UK, the Supply2.gov.uk service is virtually a 'must-have'. It is easy to use, with a straightforward process for selecting the documents you need, and we also take advantage of the email alert system. Using the service, we won a contract with Northern Ireland public transport provider Translink for its corporate Culture Change programme."

David Hill
Echelon Learning

"As a new and small business, Supply2.gov.uk has been a valuable tool to find out what is going on in the construction industry. Twelve months ago we subscribed to ‘home country’ alerts, which gave us a wider area to access. We tendered for some works for English Heritage and were awarded this contract in December. Once your organisations' profile and 'keywords' have been set up on the system, a daily email alert is sent, listing all new tenders in your chosen area. You can then access further information and make an application to the relevant authority to receive the necessary documents, allowing you to submit your tender. The process is simple, and the subscription has been very worthwhile. We look forward to more tenders and ultimately more work through this very useful service."

Julie Peel
Apex Construction

"Brathay Hall Trust has a very specialist area of expertise so we use the Supply2.gov.uk website to automatically search for government contracts that are relevant to us. We work with disadvantaged young people to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to make positive choices in their lives. We've been commissioned by the council to help them find out what children and teenagers really think about the services on offer. We'll be making sure that young people from a wide variety of backgrounds have their voice heard."

Jill Dawes
Brathay Hall Trust

"We signed up to the Supply2.gov.uk website last year and it quickly paid off. We work with organisations across the UK to help them become more efficient, and we use the website to find out about government contracts we wouldn't otherwise know about. Merton Council was looking for a company to improve the efficiency of its street cleansing department and we fitted the bill. We were able to help them make savings of more than £200,000, without affecting the service they offered the public."

Peter Carter,
Director of Corporate
Information Systems Ltd

"Supply2.gov.uk has been a good source of tenders for our business and has really helped increase the profile of the company to potential clients. We have won some good pieces of work through the website, including one contract for local government we are currently working on. Supply2.gov.uk is the only fee-paying procurement site we use so that is testament to its success. I find the email bulletin alerts save time and energy in sourcing possible tenders and the site is well managed by helpful support staff."

Mark Hobbins
Senior Energy Engineer
Barron Evers Ltd

"The best thing about the Supply2.gov.uk site is that I get an email every day with a whole host of possible leads - the work is done for you! I'm delighted that in less than 12 months we have secured two separate contracts and are in the process of pursuing other relevant leads. I would definitely recommend that others sign up."

Robin Young
Blue Hills Ltd

"We have subscribed to other similar contractor websites before but the benefits of using the Supply2.gov.uk portal is that it has a much greater reach and advertises contracts of all sizes, not just major ones. For small businesses it can be a really useful way of finding out about small, local contracts as well as much bigger, long-term contracts. We have tendered for and won several contracts of varying sizes through the portal and I would definitely recommend other businesses to register. Supply2.gov.uk is an ideal way to keep in touch with hundreds of business opportunities."

Dave Seward
Business Development/ Environmental Manager
Commercial Transfer Ltd

"In November 2008, we tendered to Derby City Partnership to design and print their 2020 Strategy document. This is a 48 page A4 brochure to be designed, produced, printed and delivered to DCP by March 2009. It was a five-way pitch and we were delighted that we were successful with our presentation and our estimates. We would not have had this opportunity if we hadn't used the Supply2.gov.uk website. We have since been requested by DCP to supply estimates and designs for another project, so the initial success has led to further work from this client. Following our registration with Supply2gov.uk, we have found their website very easy to navigate and are able to specify which tenders are suitable to our company's capabilities. We have complete control to pursue any tender opportunity and benefit from choosing those that meet our own personal criteria."

Sheila Hammond
Jackson Hammond Design

"We check the Supply2.gov.uk alerts every day, as it gives us prompt and quick access to the many lower-value business opportunities within the public sector. We have submitted and been successful with a number of bids through this site and find the easy notification of all the current tenders really useful. We also find updating our profile to be very straightforward."

Chris Acton
Acton Shapiro

“In an uncertain economic climate it’s encouraging and reassuring to know that Supply2.gov.uk is available to small businesses. It creates visibility of government contracts and actively emboldens small companies to pursue contracts they might not previously have been aware of, especially contracts under £100k. As a business information organisation we actively encourage all of our clients to use this service, and have recently become an interoperability partner to further demonstrate this. Supply2.gov.uk not only benefits the small business, it indirectly benefits local communities and ultimately the local economy.”

Kim Campbell
North Scotland Networking

“I cannot overstate the value of the Supply2.gov.uk service. It is a simple, yet powerful portal which allows the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to advertise and gain access to a diverse range of suppliers, specifically the SME market. The portal has allowed our organisation to get a better snapshot of the marketplace, allowing us to drive efficiency and value for money. DCMS actively encourages all of its non departmental public bodies to use this portal and would recommend that you do also.”

Noel Miller
Procurement Officer,
Department for Culture, Media and Sport

"The daily alerts notified us of an opportunity with our local council, for which we expressed our interest. After being successful in the selection process, we now have approved supplier status with Newcastle City Council."

Philip Walker
Bryson Print Ltd

"Supply2.gov.uk gives quick access to tender opportunities that could potentially be missed. The service is extremely valuable for helping us grow our business."

Dominic Mellor

"Supply2.gov.uk has been a useful resource for Blue River in ensuring we are aware of tenders both regionally and nationally, which will prove vital to the growth of our business when expanding into new markets and regions."

Alex Grover
Blue River

“We are delighted with the service that Supply2.gov.uk offers. At last we have access to small contract advice put out by government bodies that we actually have a chance of winning. As a small company, it is very difficult for us to compete for contracts larger than £150,000 published in the OJEU when our turnover is less than £100,000. This way we can access small tenders and choose the ones that we feel we may have a chance to win and it is free in our local area.”

Estelle Morris
Samui Design

“Momentum Associates is a new organisation, and Supply2.gov.uk has helped us to identify a number of potential tenders in our area of expertise. We've learned more about the range of opportunities that are available, about the requirements for application, and the processes involved. We have made two applications so far as a result of information in Supply2.gov.uk's emails.”

Rob Watling
Momentum Associates

"Supply2.gov.uk has helped Bridgeall by giving us a valuable view of companies that might be looking for IT services. The service also gives us an insight into the types of services and products that are being sought most frequently. This enables us to focus our marketing campaign on what companies are looking for, rather than what we think they are looking for."

David Kerr

"The Supply2.gov.uk service has greatly helped Bournemouth University to source lower-value contract opportunities against a wide range of different search criteria. The time saved searching for contract opportunities has enabled us to complete and submit more responses to tenders, many of which have been successful."

Dr Martyn Polkinghorne
Bournemouth University

"The best thing about the Supply2.gov.uk service is its reassurance that it's not only large companies that can bid for and win public sector contracts. Although we have yet to bid or win such a contract ourselves, the portal is the resource that keeps us abreast of public sector developments and enables us to keep our hardware procedures and skills in line with the expectations of the sector, so that when we do undertake such a contract we will do so with utmost confidence in our ability to fulfil it".

Mark James
Senior Development
Consultant Infinity Software

"Supply2.gov.uk provides CK Science with essential updates which make us aware of key contacts and opportunities in the recruitment sector."

Ajay Patel
CK Science

“Resolution Television is an independent digital video production company working for the public sector. Supply2.gov.uk has proven invaluable in staying abreast of the different activities local government is involved with and locating potential business.”

Sylvia Priest
Resolution Television

Supply2.gov.uk has provided value to our business by keeping us up to date on public sector contracts out to tender. The email alerts are very effective. They provide all the contract details necessary to find out further information regarding tender opportunities.”

Jennifer Kivett
Henley Centre Headlight Vision

Supply2.gov.uk has been a useful tool for Camden Jobtrain. We normally monitor TED but using Supply2.gov.uk has been a useful additional tool through which we have identified and pursued two new business opportunities which, without Supply2.gov.uk, we would not have known about. The interface is logical, easy to use and far more operable than TED. We use the RSS feeds from TED but prefer the Supply2.gov.uk email alert system. Receiving emails with no opportunities listed is reassuring as we always know that the system is continuously searching against our pre-defined search parameters.”

Neil Roberts
Development & Partnership Manager
Camden Jobtrain

Supply2.gov.uk gives me up-to-date information within the UK market, informing me of all tender opportunities which arise on a day-to-day basis. I check the site regularly which enables me to keep on top of every announcement made. Supply2.gov.uk is a good UK market tool, helping companies offer their services to organisations, whether locally or nationally. Furthermore, it enables networking which encourages business to build within the UK market.”

Mark Anderson
National Business Development Manager
Wag Staff Group

Supply2.gov.uk has assisted Taylor Electrical in obtaining information which we would not have otherwise known about. This information has allowed us to talk to several local authorities with whom we had not previously worked. Long may the Supply2.gov.uk service prosper and continue to help small businesses to enter the public sector market - it can only be a good thing."

Simon Charnley
Contracting Director
Taylor Electrical

“The service has allowed us to quickly check any tender opportunities on one site and saved considerable time. It has also located tenders that we may not have spotted in the past. Good service and value for money.”

Paul Murphy
Business Builder

"The Supply2.gov.uk service has worked to add value to our business by providing us with easy access, on a daily basis, to view current tender opportunities matched to the services Virtual360 Ltd provides. This offers us opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Furthermore, we find the website easy, quick and convenient to navigate. The customer service is also great - very helpful and friendly."”

Kate Archibald
Virtual360 Ltd

"As a small event management company in a very competitive and growing market, we value Supply2.gov.uk as a valued resource for business growth and finding out about contract opportunities. I'm pleased to say that my company, Definitive Events Ltd, has been accepted onto the Framework Agreement for Events for a public sector organisation, as a result of finding the opportunity on Supply2.gov.uk. We can still offer the same standard of service the larger event management companies can, but with the additional benefits of personal, professional and cost-effective service. It's good to know we won't be ruled out of opportunities because we are a small company."”

Lisa Pennington
Managing Director
Definitive Events Ltd

"381 Consultancy, an overhead cost reduction consultancy, has been registered with Supply2.gov.uk for the last year. We are regularly identifying opportunities from the daily email alerts, which have enabled us to express an interest in several high and lower-value contract opportunities throughout the UK. We find the Supply2.gov.uk service an invaluable resource for business growth in our arena of non-staffed overheads."”

Angela Standing
381 Consultancy

"Supply2.gov.uk is an excellent way to view tender opportunities, which has worked really well for ELA Marketing. Still in our first year of subscription we have access to both high and lower-value contract opportunities. We have found the Supply2.gov.uk service easy to use and clear in identifying which opportunities will be relevant to the company. Already we have been able to tender for two contracts."”

Lizzie Allen
Managing Director
ELA Marketing

"Tranasco Tiling Ltd registered with Supply2.gov.uk in June 2007, and within the first month we realised the value Supply2.gov.uk holds for our company. Specifically the daily email alerts, which keep us informed of new projects, enabling us to provide competitive rates to our customers."”

Kevin McGoldrick
IT Officer
Tranasco Tiling Ltd

"We use Supply2.gov.uk as it is great to have access to the many lower-value business opportunities within the public sector. We have pursued many tenders and won opportunities with the help of the service. It is good to know there is someone else out there sourcing business leads and sending them our way."”

Frank Crosby

"We signed up to Supply2.gov.uk as soon as it went live. Almost as soon as we had registered and completed our profile we identified a training contract issued by our local county council that we then tendered for. We would not have known about this contract if we had not been a member of Supply2.gov.uk"”

Ann-Marie Sheridan
Solas Associates

"As Supply2.gov.uk approaches its anniversary year. I would like to say how useful we find this service, and are keen to continue to use it. We also recommend it to other businesses as a great way to find tenders. Thanks and good luck for the next year!"

Samantha Smith
HS Jackson & Son Fencing

"Supply2.gov.uk has been great in giving us access to opportunities we would have never otherwise known about as well as to clients outside of our normal scope. We really like the site, find it very easy to use, and it has become a really valuable part of our business development."

Sarah Barber
RSe Consulting