About CompeteFor

Access subcontracting opportunities relating to the London 2012 Olympics online free of charge.CompeteFor.com is an award-winning website that allows businesses to apply for contract opportunities linked to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The website matches both private and public sector contract opportunities within the London 2012 supply chain to businesses of all sizes and allows them to apply using a short online process.

To apply for contracts listed on CompeteFor as a supplier, you must complete and publish a full business profile. Once your profile is published, you will also be able to track your activity and search for other suppliers with whom you may wish to partner. You will not be able to respond to available opportunities until your profile is fully published.

By working with CompeteFor, Supply2.gov.uk can provide all registrants with online access to London 2012 subcontracting opportunities free of charge.

All available London 2012 supply chain opportunities are available to view for free by logging in to the Supply2.gov.uk website and also by visiting www.CompeteFor.com.

N.B. Those London 2012 subcontracting opportunities which both match your profile and are within your subscribed geographical location will appear in your Daily Email Alert and through the online contract search service. Alternatively, to view all opportunities including those beyond your geographical location, log into Supply2.gov.uk and access all related opportunities via the CompeteFor link within your Activity Centre or register on www.CompeteFor.com to view and express an interest.

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