Contract Alert service - costs

Receive contract alert emails – get the latest contracts delivered from as little as 19p each day!

To save vital time searching online for contract opportunities once registered you can upgrade to the Contract Alert service and receive alerts from a wider geographical area.

The Contract Alert is an annual subscription-based service which provides quick, hassle-free notification of new contract opportunities via a Daily Email Alert delivered each working day, directly to your inbox.

You can also determine what contract results are relevant to your business requirements by creating a bespoke alert profile, based on keywords and CPV codes which describe your business offering this criteria can be updated at anytime and forms your unique profile, controlling the contract results delivered in your Daily Email Alert.

Contract Alert Packages

Two alert packages, based on the value of the contract results you wish to be notified of by your Contract Alert service, are available.

  1. Lower-value alert notification (contracts typically below 100k)
  2. High and lower-value online access and alert notification (All contract values)

Subscription Types

Three types of subscriptions are available, to determine the geographic reach of your Contract Alert service.

Options include:

  1. Regional
  2. Home Country
  3. National

Once you have selected your free local alert location during registration e.g. East Anglia

You can then choose to upgrade to receive the Contract Alert service in either;

The Region surrounding your free location e.g. East of England

Home Country surrounding your free location e.g. England

National the whole of the UK

Contract Alert service annual subscription costs

You can upgrade your level of service to receive lower-value alert notification (contracts typically below£100k) in a wider geographic location.

To be notified of lower-value contracts within your Daily Email Alert, annual subscription costs include:

Lower-value Contract Alert service
Subscription Type Search Online Alert Package
Local Location free free
Regional free £70
Home Country free £99
National free £180

Alternatively to receive both lower and high-value contract notification (all contract values) within your Daily Email Alert, annual subscription costs include:

High and Lower-value Contract Alert service
Subscription Type Search Online Alert Package
Local Location free* free*
Regional £145
Home Country £380
National £750

Additional subscriptions

Description Price
Market Monitor is an email alert service containing market news stories and information. £240.00

Did you know that you have the potential to stay one step ahead of your competitors and monitor market trends by subscribing to the Market Monitor intelligence service? Find out more

N.B. To purchase an annual subscription service, please log into and visit Upgrade Options from your Activity Centre.

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*Access to high-value contracts in a local location is free for the first year of registration and 95.00 thereafter. Please note Terms and Conditions apply. All Prices exclude VAT.