About NHS Supply2Health

supply2healthThe Department of Health has developed NHS Supply2Health, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) procurement portal for clinical services. NHS Supply2Health will provide a single source of information for providers looking for Part B clinical services advertisements where the PCT is the main contracting authority.

On 30 September 2008 it became mandatory for all PCTs to use NHS Supply2Health. Each PCT will be required to have at least two people certified to use the system.

All available Supply2Health opportunities are available to view for free by logging in to Supply2.gov.uk and also by visiting Supply2Health.

NHS Supply2Health - where demand meets supply

Up until now, PCTs have advertised service opportunities in a range of ways for example via local and national press. This has required providers to keep a close eye on a very broad range of publications.

Now clinical services providers can visit Supply2Health to search quickly and easily for available opportunities by location and category, and can also monitor contract award announcements. They will also be given the option of signing up for email notifications of opportunities recently posted on the site in areas that interest them.

Mike Parish, Chief Executive, Care UK, said "We welcome the launch of NHS Supply2Health. It will ensure that, for the first time, all the PCT-led contracts that we may be in a position to bid for will be easy to find and consistently presented."

Meeting legal requirements

NHS Supply2Health was developed as part of a suite of system management tools set out in the Operating Framework for the NHS for 2008/9 (published December 2007) to support openness and scrutiny, including Principles And Rules for Cooperation And Competition. These products, which include the PCT Procurement Guide and national standard contracts, support the principles of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination in NHS commissioning. The recently established Cooperation and Competition Panel will be able to make recommendations where commissioners are not acting in accordance with these principles.

In cases where PCTs are seeking to appeal to an international marketplace, commissioners may still opt to advertise their tenders elsewhere including in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) but in all cases the opportunity will appear on NHS Supply2Health at the same time.

By interoperating with NHS Supply2Health, Supply2.gov.uk can provide all registrants with online access to Part B clinical services opportunities free of charge.

To save vital time searching online for contract opportunities upgrade to the Supply2.gov.uk Contract Alert service for essential contract alert notification in a wider geographic area.

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