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By registering on as a supplier, you immediately have FREE access to search online for national lower-value contracts. also provides FREE notification of lower-value contracts via the Contract Alert service in a local location of your choice (selected during registration).

Once registered, upgrade to receive contract alerts in a wider geographic area saving you vital time searching online for essential contract information.

Contract Alert benefits include:

  • Business leads delivered
  • No online searching
  • Quick access via email
  • Bespoke profile
  • Flexible alert format
  • Market Intelligence
  • High and lower–value alerts
  • National, Home Country or Regional coverage

3000 new opportunities every month
focus your time on winning business – not finding it

To purchase the upgraded Contract Alert service, please register or log into and visit Upgrade Options from your Activity Centre.

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For the first year of registration, high-value contracts* in the same local location are also included in your alert, FREE of charge.

You can also benefit from;

Registration Process

Step 1: select which type of registrant you are.
To gain visibility of public sector contract opportunities, select to register as a supplier.

Step 2: select a local alert location of your choice and receive free email notification of new contract opportunities.

Step 3: enter contact information and create your basic Daily Email Alert Profile based on keywords, which will allow you to identify CPV codes relevant to your business. This profile forms the basis of your Daily Email Alert to ensure the contract results are specific to your business requirements.

What is a free local alert location?

Free local alert location – step 2 of the registration journey requires you to select a local alert location of your choice to receive free email notification of new contract opportunities.

Your chosen local alert location does not have to be the area in which your company is based; it is any location for which you want to receive free contract notification.

A map of the UK is provided below, allowing you to narrow down your choice of location by Home Country and Region. All free local alert locations within your chosen region will be illustrated on the map, allowing you to easily identify the most suitable area to receive the free benefits of

View all free locations prior to completing registration.

* Access to high-value opportunities is free for the first year of registration and 95.00 thereafter. Please note Terms and Conditions apply. All Prices exclude VAT. Features

Contract Alert service

Benefit from notification of contract opportunities delivered to your mailbox saving you time searching online.

The Contract Alert service delivers a Daily Email Alert each working day, alerting you of the latest contracts relevant to your business requirements.

The contract results delivered in your Daily Email Alert are initially based on the basic profile you create at registration. Once registered, we recommend you further refine your profile criteria, ensuring that it accurately reflects your business offering; this is the only way to guarantee that you do not miss any opportunities which may prove beneficial for your company.

Once registered, upgrade to receive contract alerts out with your free local alert location in a wider geographical area saving you vital time searching online for essential contract information. View Upgrade Options

Online Contract Search

Search for relevant contract opportunities The Online Contract Search allows you to search lower-value contracts in your chosen local alert location and throughout the rest of the UK free of charge. Contract information is updated 24/7 and there is no special equipment or software needed - all that is required is internet access.

By upgrading your level of service you can receive access to high-value contract information online and via the Contract Alert service. View Upgrade Options

Supplier Profile

Publish your supplier profile to promote your company – promote your company to the public sector by publishing your company profile on the Supplier Information Database (SID). The SID allows public sector buyers to identify suppliers based on the goods and services they require. Supplier details within the SID are only accessible by public sector buyer - ensure your business is visible.

The SID is the perfect platform to store your company's Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) information the standardised and simplified online form has been designed to make it easier for you to tender for contract opportunities. You will be asked simple questions that are frequently used by public sector buyers to help assess your firm's suitability for contracts that they issue. Select which details you want to publish on the SID and store the rest privately in preparation for when you need it.

Access resources on public sector procurement

Learn how to put a bid together for a public sector tender from the procurement Resources Centre. View EU Directives and 'Selling to' guides to ensure you understand your public sector customer. Once registered, you will also have access to the Newsroom to remain informed of issues surrounding public sector procurement in the UK.

Contract Opportunities

Use the Quick Links from the Activity Centre to directly access a variety of opportunities specific to; Benefits – An open market where any type of business, no matter what size or type, can participate.

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