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Latest issue – Issue 16

This edition contains news on monitoring inspections in schools causing concern and information about the Oneplace website which gives an overview of local public services. It includes consultations on Ofsted’s good practice publications and our single equality scheme. We find out the views of looked-after children as surveyed by the Children’s Rights Director, Dr Roger Morgan. There is a profile on the welfare of boarders at Vinehall, an independent school in East Sussex. We also feature reports on 12 outstanding special schools, creative approaches to learning and provision for gifted and talented children.

Ofsted News - Issue 16


Ofsted News – Issue 15

This edition focuses on Ofsted’s Annual Report 2008/09. It includes news on the Independent Safeguarding Authority’s Vetting and Barring Scheme and Ofsted’s evaluation of serious case reviews. We take a look at the results of the consultations on inspecting children’s centres and the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (Cafcass). We have highlighted reports on 20 outstanding primary schools, faith schools and Train to Gain provision. There is also a feature on a Junior School in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Ofsted News - Issue 15


Ofsted News – Issue 14

This edition includes news on changes: to Ofsted itself, to inspections of early years provision and of learning and skills. We have featured reports on family learning, exclusions of young children, the 14-19 education reforms and changes to the Key Stage 3 curriculum. We take a look at support given to young people leaving care and prejudice towards those in care. Outstanding childminders and childcare groups share the secrets of their success and we also profile a children’s centre providing integrated services in Birmingham.

Ofsted News - Issue 14


Ofsted News – Issue 13

This edition features the new inspection arrangements for schools, further education and skills and children’s services. We profile a centre which cares for children with special needs and look at the quality of care for young people in military training. There is also news on English provision in schools, the needs of young carers and the work of Ofsted’s enforcement team.

Ofsted News - Issue 13


Ofsted News – Issue 12

This edition features the Life in... series - a set of reports looking at the views of children and young people in various residential settings. We find out about an outstanding network of childminders and profile a headteacher of one of the 12 outstanding schools. We also take a look at youth services, PE and further education.

Ofsted News - Issue 12


Ofsted News – Issue 11

This edition includes an update on the Inspection Development Programme, the new comprehensive area assessment and the social care self-evaluation form. Read about plans to inspect children’s centres, changes to learning and skills inspections and to fostering reports and data. We profile one of the twelve outstanding schools, a children’s centre and a college for aspiring performers. There is also schools news on ICT, music, maths and citizenship.

Ofsted News - Issue 11


Ofsted News – Issue 10

This edition includes news on Ofsted’s evaluations of serious case reviews, and update on comprehensive area assessment, our first profile of a registered childminder, a preview of the 12 outstanding schools report with a feature on Bartley Green School and a look at a residential family centre.

Ofsted News - Issue 10


Ofsted News – Issue 9

This edition focuses on Ofsted’s Annual Report 2007/8 and also features an update on the Early years self-evaluation form and guidance, a closer look at the learning outside the classroom and curriculum innovation reports, case studies of work-based learning and Train to Gain providers and a profile of Nottinghamshire Council, involved with the comprehensive area assessment trials.

Ofsted News - Issue 9


Ofsted News – Issue 8

This edition includes a summary of the Using data, improving schools report, a closer look at a International Baccalaureate provider, a profile of a nursery who took part in the trails for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the launch of the Early Years National Report.

Ofsted News - Issue 8


Ofsted News – Issue 7

This edition includes news on the Ofsted-led three yearly cross-inspectorate report on safeguarding children, insights into an inspection of a school for children with autism and an article on the importance of good behaviour in schools.

Ofsted News - Issue 7


Ofsted News – Issue 6

This edition features consultations, provider profiles, inspection updates and the latest news across all sectors.

Ofsted News - Issue 6


Ofsted News – Issue 5

This edition includes features on the changes on the horizon for inspection and regulation, examples of the best practice we've found, and a focus on consultation - one of our top priorities.

Ofsted News - Issue 5


Ofsted News – Issue 4

This edition includes our reader survey results, the new Safeguarding Act and the new Initial Teacher Education inspection proposals.

Ofsted News - Issue 4


Ofsted News – Issue 3

This edition includes the Staying Safe consultation and the new methodology for Joint Area Reviews.

Ofsted News - Issue 3


Ofsted News – Issue 2

Read about our draft race and gender equality schemes and the modified youth inspection framework, in this issue.

Ofsted News - Issue 2


Ofsted News – Issue 1

This first edition of Ofsted News explains what the new Ofsted does, and what it means for the learning and skills, children's social care and local services sectors it now embraces.

Ofsted News - Issue 1

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