We’re supporting the people of Yorkshire & Humber

Our goal is that everyone in Yorkshire & Humber who wants to be in work should be able to access the right job for them. Higher levels of employment mean greater levels of personal prosperity, plus all the attendant benefits. Our economy also depends on a strong labour market to support its growth. Businesses need access to people who are well-trained, talented, and hard-working, who can help them achieve their goals.

That’s why Yorkshire Forward is encouraging skills development and equal access to skills, right across the region. We’re working closely with our partners: skills stakeholders from the private, public and voluntary/community sectors.

We have a set of policies which direct how we support people: for example, where to invest, and what kind of activities we deliver. To find out about the policies which relate directly to supporting people in our region, please refer to the section entitled our role.

Jobs for everyone in Yorkshire & Humber

Jobs for everyone in Yorkshire & Humber

A major objective of the Regional Economic Strategy is to achieve a radical improvement in the development and application of education, learning and skills in Yorkshire & Humber. Find out what we’re doing to provide equal access to higher skills.

Raising skill levels in Yorkshire & Humber

Raising skill levels in Yorkshire & Humber

Find out what Yorkshire Forward is doing to raise skill levels across the region. More skills, at a higher level, will help to fill some of the skills gaps which have occurred as the region moves from more traditional to newer and knowledge-based industries.

Support for individuals

Support for individuals

We have co-ordinated offers available and advice on pre and post-redundancy, tailored for people in Yorkshire.

How Yorkshire Forward makes a difference

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Equality & diversity

Yorkshire Forward is fully committed to removing barriers to economic opportunity for everyone.

Find the right staff

Struggling to get good people? We support initiatives which match good people to good jobs.

Skills mean success

Greater skill levels in your business will make you more innovative, competitive and successful.