The latest addition to Leeds’ skyline

A landmark cylindrical residential building is the latest addition to Leeds’ skyline, positioned at the edge of the canal and docks at Granary Wharf. 21-storey Candle House has now been launched to the public, marking the end of the final stage of the wharf’s development, completed by ISIS Waterside Regeneration at a cost of £90m.

Who’s behind the development?

The scheme was designed by Leeds civic architect John Thorp, designed by CareyJones Architects and developed by ISIS Waterside Regeneration.

What’s the building like?

It’s a circular building which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Leaning Tower of Pisa—but without the lean! The exterior is striking copper and red brick, and a roof-top terrace (at a height of 75 metres) offers spectacular panoramic views of the city, with large glass windows fringing the circumference of the circular decked garden. The building houses 160 apartments, from studios to one- and two-bedroomed apartments.

How much will the apartments sell for?

Prices range from £99,950 for a studio to £199,950 for a two-bedroom apartment. The government is backing a HomeBuy Direct scheme to attract potential buyers.

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