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Business leaders meet at Number 10

The pre-Budget report will lay out the Government's strategy to deliver a low carbon economy recovery, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said at a reception for business leaders in Downing Street.


'Our transition to a low carbon economy will be a key driver of our future economic prosperity,' he said on 3 december.


'UK companies are at the forefront of this transformation, their innovation and expertise demonstrates why this is one of best places in the world for low carbon business.'


He was speaking at an event that saw business leaders present Mr Brown with a document signed by 850 companies calling on politicians to use Copenhagen to strike a climate change deal that can contribute to sustainable growth, jobs and prosperity.


The Cambridge Communique sets out the business case for a strong and effective UN climate framework and underlines that economic development will not be sustained unless the climate is stabilised, making it critical that we move beyond the global downturn in a way that lays the foundation for low-carbon growth.


The Prime Minister praised what he described as 'unprecedented support' from business. 'Our common purpose is our greatest strength as we push for a binding agreement on climate change,' he said.


''In next week's Pre-Budget Report we will set out our strategy for securing economic recovery and investing in future jobs and growth, especially in those industries that will build the low carbon economy of the future.'


Craig Bennett, Co-Director of the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group, based at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, which manages the initiative, he said it was 'extraordinary' to see the level of support that has come in from the international business community for the Copenhagen Communiqué.


'If it is possible for such a variety of companies to agree on the basic shape of an ambitious, robust and equitable global deal on climate change – surely it should now be possible for the world’s governments to do the same?'


The communiqué was presented to the Prime Minister by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group at an evening reception for businesses on 3 December.


The Corporate Leaders Group includes John Lewis, Shell, Tesco, Kingfisher, Vodafone, Unilever and Lloyds Banking Group.


The communiqué has already secured the support of more than 850 companies based in over 50 countries including the US, most EU member states, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


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