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The Code for Crown Prosecutors
Easy Read Version

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  1. Introduction
  2. General principles
  3. Should someone be prosecuted?
  4. The Full Code Test
  5. The Threshold Test
  6. What Crime to Charge Someone With?
  7. Out-of-Court Disposals
  8. Youths
  9. Where Trials Take Place?
  10. When a Defendant Says They are Guilty
  11. The Prosecutor's Role in Sentencing
  12. Thinking Again About a Prosecution Decision


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How to Use this Document

Crown Prosecution Service logo. The Code for Crown Prosecutors is a document for prosecutors who work for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Law court, showing scales of justice. The Code tells prosecutors how to make decisions about people who have been arrested for doing a crime.

Man thinking, holding his chin.The Code helps prosecutors work out what to charge the person with and how their case should be dealt with by the CPS and the courts.

Man with glasses reading large book. Prosecutors use the difficult version of the Code to help them make decisions. The difficult version says things in a very official and legal way.

This document is the easy read version of the Code.

It has been produced to help members of the public find out how prosecutors make their decisions.

Paper book with 'pictures and symbols' written on it. As you go through the document you will find some difficult words written in blue. A word in blue tells you that you can look up what it means in the 'Difficult Words' section at the end of the document.


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