The Productive Series

The Productive Series supports NHS teams to redesign and streamline the way they manage and work.  This helps achieve significant and lasting improvements – predominately in the extra time that they give to patients, as well as improving the quality of care delivered whilst reducing costs.

The Productive Series has adopted efficiency techniques previously used in car manufacturing and safety techniques learned in the aviation industry.  By working with NHS teams we have adapted them for the NHS in a practical and innovative way.

The key to the success of The Productive Series is that improvements are driven by staff themselves, by empowering them to ask difficult questions about practice and to make positive changes to the way they work.  The process promotes a continuous improvement culture leading to real savings in materials, reducing waste and vastly improving staff morale.

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Productive Community Services The Productive Operating Theatre The Productive Leader The Productive Community Hospital The Productive Mental Health Ward The Productive Ward

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