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8 December - day 2 reflections

Day 2: Tuesday 8 December

Copenhagen negotiations got down to business today (Tuesday 8 December) with the first day of detailed negotiations.

Momentum is building with yesterday’s ambitious offer from South Africa.
Combined with the commitment that 110 world leaders – including now President Obama and Prime Minister Singh- will attend Copenhagen, there are signs of important political momentum that give the negotiations added impetus.

But there’s still lots of work to do in the remaining 8 negotiation days

Highlights from today include:

08 December: US ruling on CO2 as a toxic gas 'strengthens Obama's hand'
The US Government has declared carbon dioxide a 'toxic' gas that endangers public health.

08 December: Melting ice bear sculpture sends 'powerful climate message'
Mark Coreth is sculpting a Polar bear out of ice which will slowly melt as negotiators work towards a global climate change deal in Copenhagen.

08 December: Last decade warmest on record, says Met Office
The last 10 years have been 'by far' the warmest decade the world has experienced since modern records began, the UK's Met Office announced.

08 December: Ed Miliband at Manchester send-off rally
Ed Miliband is taking part to a public meeting today at Manchester Central. It is the last public event before he travels to Copenhagen.

08 December: Act on Copenhagen bloggers: Amy Mount
Amy Mount blogs on the youth perspectives of the Copenhagen climate negotiations, which began in Copenhagen yesterday.



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