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Use of stomach drugs debated

Tuesday May 11 2010

There is a risk of side-effects for “millions who take unnecessary stomach drugs”, according to the Daily Mail. It says that the family of prescription stomach drugs called proton pump inhibitors...

Chilli source of pain?

Tuesday Apr 27 2010

The “hot” substance found in chilli peppers is key to killing pain, reported the BBC. It said that a chemical similar to capsaicin, the active ingredient in chillies, is found in the body at sites of pain.

Scientists fight cancer with viruses

Friday Apr 23 2010

A new type of therapy using modified viruses can help destroy cancer cells, according to The Guardian. The newspaper said that a technique has been developed to optimise...

ADHD mechanisms probed

Monday Apr 19 2010

The brains of children with ADHD may respond to instant rewards “in the same way as they do to medication”, says the BBC. The news is based on a study in which children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were...

Migraine relief from aspirin

Thursday Apr 15 2010

“Migraine sufferers could find relief in three aspirin tablets,” reported The Times. It said that researchers have suggested that one in four migraine sufferers could be pain-free within two hours if they take up to 1,000mg of aspirin in one go.

Botox injection 'leads to rejection'

Monday Apr 12 2010

"Botox can lose you your friends,” according to the Metro, which said that the anti-wrinkle injections could “damage your social life and emotions”. According to the newspaper, using the popular cosmetic...

Aspirin 'cuts' breast cancer risk

Wednesday Mar 24 2010

“A simple aspirin can slash women's risk of breast cancer,” reported The Sun. It said that over-50s who take one pill a day can also cut their chances of getting ovarian cancer. This study looked at painkiller use...

Vitamin D supplements and flu

Wednesday Mar 17 2010

“Vitamin D is better than vaccines at preventing flu,” reported The Times. The newspaper said that children’s risk of getting flu could be halved if they take vitamin D, a finding that has implications for flu epidemics.

The Pill 'does not raise death risk'

Friday Mar 12 2010

“Women who use the Pill can expect to live longer,” according to The Times. The news is based on research looking at the long-term effects of taking the contraceptive pill. From 1968 to 2007 the study followed 46,000 women that had...

New cholesterol drug tested

Thursday Mar 11 2010

A new drug “cuts heart attack and stroke risk without side effects”, according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper says that the eprotirome tablets could rapidly lower cholesterol in people that do not respond to conventional...


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