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Healthcare abroad

Whatever your reasons for going abroad, you may be entitled to medical care at reduced cost or sometimes free. Your entitlement will vary based on whether you're going to an European Economic Area country (EEA) or elsewhere in the world.

New regulations

If you live in another European Union member state, and the United Kingdom covers the cost of your healthcare, the UK may be responsible for the issue of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from May 1 2010.


If you're going on a holiday or a business trip, you should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which offers you access to reduced-cost medical treatment. 

Moving abroad

Find out if you are still eligible for healthcare paid by the UK when you're going to live, work or study in another EEA country.

Treatment abroad

If you're planning to go abroad specifically for medical treatment (including giving birth) the NHS may be able to offer you financial and aftercare support. Find out how to apply for medical treatment abroad.

Country guides

Use the country-by-country guide and find out if you are entitled to healthcare paid by the UK. Different rules apply depending on the circumstances of your visit. 

Last reviewed: 29/04/2010

Next review due: 28/04/2012

E-forms will be replaced

Due to changes in European Union regulations, from 1 May 2010, E-forms will be replaced for British and EU citizens working, living and travelling in the EU. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not changing and your current EHIC will remain valid until it expires. All E-forms already issued will remain valid and your entitlement to healthcare will not be affected by these changes.

Old E-form and replacement form:

 E101 is now A1
 E102 is now A1 
E106 is now S1 
E109 is now S1
 E121 is now S1
 E112 is now S2

The EHIC and PRC (Provisional Replacement Certificate) remain the same.

Travel vaccinations on the NHS

Find out which travel vaccinations are available free on the NHS, or only available privately.