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Principles for protection

This page sets out the five principles for rebuilding public confidence in the asylum system, which we use to guide our work with applicants for asylum and protection.

In 2006, 12 impartial commissioners conducted an independent, nationwide review of the UK's asylum system. The Independent Asylum Commission (IAC) spent two years gathering testimony from asylum seekers and the public, taking evidence from experts and engaging in dialogue with the authorities.

The UK Border Agency agrees with the IAC's five principles for rebuilding public confidence in the asylum system:

  1. People fleeing persecution should be able to find sanctuary in safe countries like the UK.
  2. The UK should have an effective system for controlling our border that lets those seeking sanctuary in, as well as keeping irregular migrants out.
  3. The UK should have a fair and effective decision-making body that takes pride in giving sanctuary to those who need it and denies it to those who do not.
  4. People seeking sanctuary should be treated fairly and humanely, have access to essential support and public services, and should make a contribution to the UK if they are able.
  5. Once a decision has been made, the UK should act swiftly, effectively and in a controlled way - either to assist integration or to effect a swift, safe and sustainable return for those who have had a fair hearing and have been refused sanctuary.

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