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This section explains what you can expect after we make a decision on your application for asylum.

Your case owner aims to give you a decision on your application within 30 days of the date on which you made your application. He/she will normally give you the decision in person and explain it to you.

Your case owner will assess your application based on what you said at your asylum interview, any evidence you provided, and the information we have about the your country of origin.

If you are given asylum

If you are recognised as a refugee, you will be given asylum and a residence permit that allows you to enter and stay in the United Kingdom for an initial period of five years. If you have any dependants, they will be given the same permission. Your case owner will help you to build a life in this country by giving you the documents and information you will need.

For more information, see Successful applications.

If you are refused asylum

If your asylum application is refused, you will be told what rights you may have to appeal against our decision, and the time limits for this.

Your case owner may decide you are able to stay here for humanitarian or other reasons, in which case you may be given permission to stay temporarily.

If your case owner decides there are no reasons for you to stay, you and your dependants will be expected to leave the United Kingdom. Your case owner will tell you about options you have, including voluntary return to your country using the Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme.

Your case owner will also tell you about any new requirements for reporting to us. We may detain you if you do not comply with those requirements.

If you do not leave the country, we will remove you. We may detain you until you are removed.

For more information, see Unsuccessful applications.

Terms explained

  • Dependant

    Someone who depends on you financially, such as a husband, wife, partner, or child.

  • Remove

    A legal process we follow that enables us to force a person to leave the United Kingdom if he/she has no right to be here. It may involve arrest and detention in a secure centre until the person leaves the country.

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