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Media coverage of the MEF

Climate change could cause more problems than two world wars, Brown warns, Telegraph 20 October 2009


Brown calls for steeper emissions cuts, Financial Times 19 October 2009


Brown warns of 'catastrophe' without Copenhagen climate deal, Times Online 19 October 2009


Gordon Brown: We have fewer than fifty days to save our planet from catastrophe, The Independent 20 October 2009


Climate change pact 'remains in the balance', says Ed Miliband, Guardian 20 October 2009


Barack Obama may attend Copenhagen summit if there is climate change progress, Telegraph 20 October 2009


President Obama 'may not attend Copenhagen climate summit', Times Online 20 October 2009


Developed countries relent on poor countries' emissions, Concession raises hopes for climate deal, Financial Times 19 October 2009


Yves de Boer downplays hope of Copenhagen treaty, UN climate negotiator knocks full treaty hopes, Financial Times 19 October 2009


Copenhagen Summit: Children get a say on climate change, Telegraph 20 October 2009


Monday manifesto: UK renewable energy target 'naive' says Wulf Bernotat, Times Online 19 October 2009


The Big Question: Is an agreement on climate change in Copenhagen still on the cards?, The Independent 20 October 2009


Brown urges action on global warming, Washington Post 20 October 2009


Climate treaty now 'more do-able', BBC News 19 October 2009


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