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Preventing illegal working

This section explains the need to prevent illegal migrant working, the penalties for employing migrants who aren't entitled to work here, and how employers can ensure that they employ only legitimate workers.

Illegal working hurts good business, undercuts legal workers and creates illegal profits. It also puts illegal workers themselves at great risk. By working together with employers, we can level the playing field and tackle the exploitation of vulnerable migrants.

Unless an employer checks that all prospective employees have the right to work in the United Kingdom, it risks breaking the law and could receive a substantial fine.

The overwhelming majority of employers and migrants to the United Kingdom are law-abiding and wish to comply with their legal obligations. We are keen to support them and make this as simple as possible.

Employers' responsibilities

Discover the checks that you need to carry out on your employees' entitlement to work.

Identity cards for foreign nationals

How our identity card programme makes it easier to check workers' credentials.

Civil penalties for employers

If you employ illegal migrant workers, you could face a big fine and be named here.

Support for employers

Resources and services to help you comply with the law.