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Home Office circulars

Circulars are official Home Office documents that detail updates on policy and procedures.

They are useful to people who work for, or with, the Home Office or who need to know the latest policy updates.

All circulars since 2003 are stored here; if you need an earlier circular then please contact us.

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Latest circulars

Ref Title Broad subject Sub category Issue date


Police Pensions (Amendment) Regulations 2010 SI No. 431 and a related miscellaneous issue

This Circular Relates to Circular No 023 / 2008 : Police Medical Appeal Boards: New Provider

Police Service

Police pensions



A change to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 : Control of mephedrone and other cathinone derivatives

This circular draws attention to the contents of the above Statutory Instruments (SIs), S.I. 2010/1207, S.I. 2010/1143 and S.I. 2010/1144, which come into force on 16 April 2010.

Crime and disorder

Drug offences


008 / 2010

British Transport Police Transfers

This Circular Relates to Circular No 46 / 2004: The Police Pension Scheme-Police Medical Appeal Boards/Role of Selected Medical Practitioner/British Transport Police Transfers.

Police Service

Police Pensions


007 / 2010

The Child Sex Offender (CSO) Disclosure Scheme

In June 2007 the Government published the Review of the Protection of Children from Sex Offenders.

Crime and Disorder

Sex offences


006/ 2010

Provisions in the Policing and Crime Act 2009 that relate to prostitution (sections 14 to 21)

This circular provides guidance for police and practitioners who will enforce the provisions in the Policing and Crime Act 2009 that relate to prostitution (sections 14 to 21). These sections will come into force on 1st April 2010 and amend existing statutes which make provision relating to the law on prostitution.

Crime and Disorder



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