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UK Action

We are facing one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. An awful lot hangs on Copenhagen and the ability of world leaders to agree to an ambitious global deal that meets the science of the climate challenge.

The UK Government is committed to pushing for that global deal. But Government cannot do it alone. Getting the deal agreed, and then its subsequent implementation will require the active participation of diverse groups.

Already many stakeholder groups are engaged in climate change and working alongside government to ensure a successful deal is made. We may not share backgrounds, or agree on every detail, but there is commonality in goal: all are seeking an ambitious, workable deal at Copenhagen.


Pen and performance graph (iStockphotos)

Responding to the challenges of climate change and sharing solutions to carve the transition to a low carbon economy.


isle of white festival 2009

Reaching wide groups of society and mainstreaming the climate change message.


Weather Barometer (iStockphoto)

Demonstrating that the costs of avoiding climate change are far cheaper than the cost of inaction.


Some of the world's major faith groups

Faith groups are uniting others on climate change, and sending powerful message to world leaders and decision makers ahead of Copenhagen.


A view of the Houses of Parliament with the Big Ben clocktower.

Implementing climate change policies today, and promoting an ambitious position at Copenhagen.


Stethoscope and pen resting on a sheet of medical lab test results (iStockphotos)

Domestically and internationally, climate change result in health impacts – and the best way to avoid them is to tackle climate change itself.


A woman wearing protective googles examining liquid in a conical jar.

Providing the latest evidence on which the deal needs to be based.


Group of protestors (iStockphoto)

Mobilising mainstream awareness of climate change – and the ability to take action towards it.


Crowds (istockphoto)

Providing a valuable link with employees on the skills base required for a low carbon economy and greening the workplace.


Children holding Plants (iStockphoto)

The generation that lives with the consequences of our actions and decisions today, and at Copenhagen.


BioRegional - solutions for sustainability

BioRegional is an entrepreneurial charity which initiates and delivers practical solutions that help us to live within a fair share of the earth's resources


Building Britain's Future

Building Britain's future

A low carbon future is a key commitment for the British Government.


Milestones on the road to Copenhagen

December 2009 (iStockphotos)

See what's happening in the lead up to Copenhagen this month


Watch the latest climate change video at the Department for Energy and Climate Change YouTube channel

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