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About this site draws to a close

The site ran from June 2009 – mid February 2010.

The official UK Government website about the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15), promoted the UK Government’s ambitions for a global deal on climate change and engaged key influencers in the UK and internationally to back an ‘ambitious, effective and fair’ agreement at the negotiations in December 2009.

The website was jointly managed by digital, policy and press teams from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and Department for International Development (DFID).

In January 2010, we asked our subscribers what they thought about the campaign. Your responses, and other site statistics, include the following:

Visitor rates:
  • 150,000 unique visitors accessed the site throughout the campaign’s 8 months duration.
  • Additionally, over 4 million visitors accessed content produced by but was hosted on other websites. For example, the Guardian hosted our 4 degree map; and a large number of FCO embassy and High Commission sites hosted our interactive timeline and RSS feeds.
  • The top 10 referrals to the site were: the 4 degree map, Yahoo News, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Guardian climate pages, Il Corriere della Sera (Italy), Svenkska Dagbladet (Sweden), Foreign and Commonwealth Office, No 10 (the Prime Minister’s Office), Met Office, Spiegel Online (Germany)
About you:
Our information on you is based on responses to a survey sent to subscribers of our email alerts. Of the approximately 5000 subscribers, 406 people offered responses, 338 completed the entire survey, resulting in an 8.6% response rate.
  • Most of you (54%) are interested members of the UK public (54%), or visited the site in the capacity of a activtist / protestor (6.5%), academic / researcher (6%), or UK Government official (5.4%)
  • A number of you are international visitors, from Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Congo, Egypt, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Spain, amongst others.
  • 80% of you said content on the site was easy or very easy to find
  • 57% of you visited the site once a week or more
  • 95% of you said you somewhat (55%) or fully (40%) understood the UK’s position on Copenhagen
  • You liked our youtube clips, flickr galleries, tweets and blogs.
  • You wanted more opportunity to engage in the content, for example through online comments, or online debates.
Your feedback

The following are examples of some of the common themes you raised in user feedback:

  • ‘It showed that HMG was highly committed to participating in Copenhagen and worked for an ambitious result. That, at least, was credible.’
  • ‘The feeling from the site was that government was actually trying to do the right thing’
  • ‘It stood out from the crowd. Didn’t look too government of official’
  • ‘Although I trusted the site, I felt its message was too upbeat about the progress being made’
  • ‘I think there should be the option for more public feedback, a comments section, an online option to give opinions on policies etc’
  • ‘More behind the scenes information. I was at Copenhagen and was frustrated at not being able to find out what my delegation was up to. I thought the emails might help but they lacked details.’
What next:
  • The website was designed to be a short-term website and, post Copenhagen, is now no longer updated.
  • You can stay up to date with the UK Government’s action to tackle climate change internationally with the latest news, video clips, blogs and other features by subscribing to the cross-government email-bulletin or our RSS feed

Further information about this site

You will be interested in this site if you are:

  • Based in the UK or internationally, and keen to follow HMG activities around climate change in the lead up to Copenhagen  Already engaged in the climate change debate, eg as a journalist,scientist, policy maker, researcher, or through a stakeholder groupsuch as NGO, faith, business or other
  • Interested in the UK’s perspective on the road to Copenhagen and what they hope to achieve at COP15.A member of the public interested in the initiatives in the UK and abroad which are already demonstrating success towards climate change.
  • Seeking to campaign for an ambitious deal at Copenhagen and want to see what other groups are doing and how you might get involved. 
  • If are looking for ideas about what simple behaviour changes you can make to reduce your emissions, you can calculate your carbon footprint and find tips on how to reduce it at Act on CO2.
The site is the UK government’s agenda for a global deal at Copenhagen. It is home for:

  • The UK's international ambition for a global deal on climate change, via our Ambitions content, and updated activities on progress towards this, via our Achievements and Newsroom
  • Profiles, via UK Action of the activities different groups, including government, business, faith groups and others, are taking to improve climate change and also push for a global deal at Copenhagen
  • The work around the world on climate change, via Global Action
  • Domestic and international news and updates, as they happen.