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Transport statistics

Welcome to the official statistics pages of the DfT website. The Department collects, analyses and publishes a wide range of statistics covering all forms of transport. You can search this part of the web-site, for the data or publications you want, by topic or theme at Statistics (data, tables and publications), alternatively you can also find information about recent publications and statistical releases.

To find out more about what we do, read our 'Introduction to transport statistics'.

Latest releases:

Road Traffic and Congestion in Great Britain: Quarter 1 2010 - 6 May 2010

Congestion on inter-urban roads: Monthly Provisional Estimates - March 2010 - 6 May 2010

Vehicle registration and licensing statistics Great Britain: March 2010 - 6 May 2010

Vehicle Licensing Statistics: 2009 - 29 April 2010

Regional Tables on Vehicles - 29 April 2010

Survey of Foreign Road Goods Vehicles United Kingdom 2009 - Final Results  - 29 April 2010   

Recent publications

A full list of all recent and archive Transport Statistics publications.

Statistics (data, tables and publications)

A full list of published Transport Statistics organised by theme, including Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel downloads.

Forthcoming statistical publications

A full list of all publications to be published over the next 12 months.

21 December 2006
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30 April 2010

The standards we work to and the outcome of quality reviews

National Statistics: principles, implementation and quality reviews.

Committees and user groups on transport statistics

Information about these committees and other related statistical websites in the UK.

Transport statistics contact details

A contact list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses for Transport Statistics.

08 November 2006
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16 April 2009

Notes and Information

Notes on opening files within the site and links to downloading viewers.

16 March 2006

Introduction to transport statistics

Find out more about our work with transport statistics.

28 September 2007
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24 July 2008

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